O Gauge Stock Boxes

Over the last few weeks I have been making stock boxes for my O gauge steam loco’s. Up until recently I kept most of them in a communal stock box that held about six loco’s, trouble was they were very heavy and getting more difficult to carry about. I decided to consign the larger box to wagons and/or carriages so that it would become manageable. As I don’t have any large loco’s at present I  decided to  make them in three sizes. Size one, ‘Small Tank’, size two ‘Large Tank’ and size three ‘Small Tender’.

I wanted to achieve a box that was light, strong and stackable for storage. After a few experiments with some old stock wood left over from the business, I decided to use Obeche for the sides and base, a harder wood for the ends, its name escapes me and MDF for the Lid. All would be held together with  ‘angle’ softwood. I also decided to ‘cork line’ the inside and use Cork to hold the loco firmly,  I used various thickness to achieve this. As an alternative to the end pieces of cork I use pieces of foam.


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