Stowmarket Exhibition 2018

This was Sefton Yard’s first outing for a while, it has been stored for over a year. It was also our first Exhibition that all four of our ‘group’ members attended. Stowmarket is always an excellent Exhibition and this year was no exception, with a great selection of quality layouts. As planned I spent most of the day on the DEMU stand doing a demo, this left the other three on ‘shift’ on Sefton. We had some great comments, mainly that there are so many shunting options in such a small space in O Gauge.

Please see the below photo’s all taken by Shaun.

















Cambridge Exhibition 2018


We attended Cambridge Exhibition with Norton Wood, its first outing on the Exhibition circuit. I made Norton Wood about two years ago, but never quite got around to taking it out. Because of this I decided to sell the layout to Graham who already had suitable 3rd rail Southern Region stock to run on the layout.

After some last-minute adjustments, both at home and before the show, everything was ready. I have to say that it ran superbly all day and we had lots of good comments.

I guess we went just hoping for a trouble-free day, but the day just got better as it went on. Around lunch time Graham had a visit from Alan, the Exhibition Manager and we were presented with the ‘Best in Show’ Trophy. I have to say this was very  unexpected as the quality of the other layouts attending was truly excellent. The Exhibition also had one of my layouts that I sold nearly five years ago, Hobbs Warren in O Gauge. Terry and Bernard have extended it slightly and added new features, thanks chaps for looking after her so well, she is a credit to us all.

I would like to thank Alan and his team for a lovely day, really well organised show and one I  would attend even if I was not Exhibiting, with luck we will be invited back next year with a different layout.  Also thanks to Colin French and Dave Tailby for the usual banter.

Below are some photo’s taken by my wife, it was a bit tricky for her as there was a bit of light bleed through the curtains.IMG_5110










Lessons learned – Extend the fiddle yard by 9 inches to allow full length 4 car Units – We just fell short of automatic Spratt and Winkle couplings due to lack of time, this must be completed by the next Exhibition.

O gauge Terrier for Norfolk Coke!!

The new owner of Norfolk Coke and Tar Layout is my son John. As I retained all my industrial Loco’s ready for another project, John has to re-populate the layout with small tank engines. I have no idea whether it will retain its name or be changed to a name more akin to BR 1950-60 era.

Anyway John purchased a Terrier to start his O Gauge steam collection and I of course offered to weather it for him. I did sell him four suitable wagons for the period and I know he wants a few more. I think it will end up more as a shunting plank than an engine shed. I will post further as more rolling stock is purchased and possibly a name change.

The layout will remain available for Exhibitions locally.