SM32 (16mm) WW1 hopper wagons.

These will ultimately be a rake of four wagons, Graham has found another after I finished the first three! I have also just noticed that I forgot to clean the wheels, which will need to be done. I am not sure of the wagons parentage, but they are old!!! I may also give the stone loads a bit more colour. On O gauge photo plank again I am afraid.





SM32 (16mm) Type C wagon

This wagon is a laser cut kit and took several coats of paint to complete – of all the WW1 wagons this was one of the rarest types – although finished it may well be weathered slightly more to blend the body and the bogies a bit better. Again photo’s taken on the O gauge photo plank. It is also a bit lightweight and extra weight will need to be added either through a load or underneath!