Just can’t do it (Class 50)

I have just received my latest Loco from Hattons. It took a week to get here after paying for next day delivery. But it has given me some thinking time on this new Loco. I purchased this Loco because of price and I had a conversion kit to turn a refurbed Loco into an ‘as built’ variety. Now that it has arrived I just can not do the conversion, it is such a superb Loco.

So here we have 50008 Thunderer in BR Blue, the so called Engineers Livery. I intend to run it in the 2018 – 2020 era, as it is a mainline certificated Loco and has been seen on my parts of the network. The main work will be to change the overhead warning signs, add nameplates and crests then a light weathering.

Another Pointless Layout

After doing quite a bit of weathering over the Summer and Autumn, the weather is now turning cold and the airbrushing is slowing down in the Garage.

Still being in lockdown and self isolating, I really need to keep working on something to stop myself going into ‘couch potato’ mode.

I have several baseboards already made and after much thought I have decided to do a small village goods yard in O Gauge. I guess I have a few withdrawal symptoms after selling ‘Sefton Yard’ a couple of years ago.

The layout will hold 15 four wheel wagons and a small loco, that’s quite a detailed ‘shunting puzzle’

Track laying is now complete on this light and flexible little 5′ 6″ layout. I will post updates as things progress so that you can follow each step.

And the wagons came in 2 x 2

Sadly the Dapol Collectors is no more, but thanks to my son John we took advantage of their last kind offers.

Firstly a pair of LOBITOS tank wagons. As these are both mine, I renumbered one. This is a medium weathering.

Next are the first of the Banana Vans, One for me and one for Graham. So no need to renumber. These are the FFYFES variety

The second batch of Banana Vans are the GEEST variety. Again one for me and one for Graham. Again no need to renumber .

Class 37 – D6832

Last day of my seven in seven weathering challenge – this loco was a North Eastern Loco when wearing this livery, but did get a transfer to Stratford (30A) in the late 60’s – early 70’s.

Its now getting a bit cool in Garage where I spray, so as I do not spray in cold weather Loco weathering will give way to a few Wagons and possibly another layout. Lets hope for a mild winter!

Class 20 – D8175

Challenge six of seven is a Class 20 in interim livery of green with full yellow ends. Again I never saw this engine in this condition, but luckily saw it when blue in TOPS. This is another loco in light to medium weathered condition.

I tend to have relatively clean sides of Locos after weathering. The main reason is when picking up Loco with misted weathered sides it is easy to scratch or leave finger marks from oily hands. Some people use cloth gloves for this process, but I have not really gone that way.

Class 25 – D7668

Day five of my own challenge is D7668 as delivered and weathered to a light to medium standard. I never saw this loco in this condition, but did see it when it was TOPS numbered.

I have overshot my five in five challenge and I have weathered seven, so will turn it into a seven in seven challenge so please continue to give this site a look.

Golden Ochre Class 31

The Golden Ochre Heljan Class 31 (30) D5579 is now weathered to a light to medium standard. I have noticed that on some photos when in this condition it had Stratford 30A Oval depot plates – I will try and source some and add them to the Loco. The Electric Blue Loco D5578 also had the depot plates.

I have set myself a little challenge – a loco a day for this week – below is Monday 16th.