K3 61801 in O Gauge

Again a purchase that had been hanging around for a couple of years. I thought this was going to be the least complicated of the recent batch but it did not turn out that way! When purchased this Loco was in LNER lined Black, and I just wanted to change it to BR lined black. Well I think the transfers were ‘welded’ on, they just would not budge. It was therefore another complete strip down, then repaint.

After repainting, lining and numbering, I must admit it all turned out very well and I am very pleased.

61801 was a Cambridge and March engine for many years.

F5 2-4-2T in O Gauge

This is a Loco I purchased about three years ago. It was mostly finished but needed a few tweaks. The main problem was that it was painted in LNER Lined Green and I do not Model LNER! About three weeks ago I decided to strip the green paint and completely re-finish the Loco.

I have finished it as a Lowestoft Loco No 67214 as running in the mid 1950’s, just before withdrawal in 1958. This loco runs very well and will be lightly weathered at a later date.

B17/6 Gayton Hall – 61641

This is a renumber, rename and re-logo job for my mate Mike. I think Mike has had the Loco for some time and he was researching an ideal identity for it based on the different quirks of the B17 build and/or works changes. I had to change the BR Logos as one was facing the wrong way and then number and name the Loco. The Loco in the late 50’s was based at 31B March Shed and carries this shed plate on the smokebox door.

The Makers Plates beneath the Nameplate still need to be ordered as Mike feels the ones he has purchased could be wrong. I also need to paint the safety valves and whistle a brass colour, it was a bit of a rush to get the below photos between showers hence not quite finished on photos.

2 X Scottish Dapol 08’s

Here we have two recently purchased Dapol 08’s . Both have been renumbered and had the different Scottish Depot Logos added. The White Stag is the Inverness Logo and Leaping Salmon is Sheilds Road/Motherwell Logo. One has been left in ex works condition and the other has been given a light weathering/fade.

I have one or two little tweaks to do, but they almost finished.

Heljan Class 47 -O Gauge

This is the first of my four Class 47’s from Heljan, Sadly they all came with bits missing or fallen off in the Box. I did however keep all of them as they were great runners and I could re-attach or fashion the missing bits.

I turned the Loco from a late 60’s machine into a late seventies Loco. I added Domino head code dots to the code panels, added the TOPS number I selected plus data and depot panels. I would like to upgrade the windscreen wipers from early to late if possible.

The transfers are all Railtec and Fox.