O Gauge Match Truck Finished.

This little wagon has become a bit of a labour of love. I was determined to get the planking exactly how I wanted it. I tried three different colours before I got it how I wanted it, I then scraped through two coats a bit to get a variance of several colours, lastly I highlighted the plank joins using a soft pencil before varnishing over the top. I gave all yellow painted parts my usual wash and wipe to get some shadowing and ingrained dirt. I lastly airbrushed the chassis with my normal four colours.

OO – B17/6 and O Gauge 03 Match Truck.

This is just a taster really as both of these will be weathered when the varnish is dry in about three days.

The B17/6 is a rename and renumber of a Hornby model, It has been fully detailed and had a Westinghouse brake added. Again I would add that research is a must when wanting to change the identity of a Loco.

The O gauge match truck is based on a Dapol Conflat A, Just resprayed and lettered, plus the addition of air pipes. This type of match truck was used around the North East of England but not in East Anglia who tended to convert Shock Wagon Chassis.

ICI – Soda Ash 16T

Here we have two of Tower Models Limited Edition 16T open wagon in the ICI Mond Div. livery. After a lot of research by both Graham and myself we had to concede that there was not many photos available. All we could find was withdrawn wagons that had obviously been standing about for a long time! These photos in fact did throw up a difference to the wagon as we knew it – the ones in the photos had a ‘high bar’ fitted to keep the ‘tarp’ from the Soda Ash. We thought we would add this item to add a bit of interest, after as much research as possible I came up with a design, made a prototype and then manufactured two to fit the wagons.

An interesting little project, we have done the best we can – and hopefully it is near the prototype!

Ex Pipe Wagon as ZDV

This wagon was made by Graham from a brass kit, I have painted and weathered it.

This wagon is as it would have been just before being withdrawn in the vacuum brake purge in the late 80’s. I started off by using dark bauxite paint with a little white paint added, this was for a very faded and dirty body. I decided that to make it interesting I would simulate some replacement planks. This was followed by a dilute black/dark brown wash. After airbrushing the underframe I picked out a few rust spots that I saw on some photos of a prototype.

Overall quite happy with the result, it is certainly something a bit different!