I have been modelling railways for many  years both as a hobby and professionally, including work for Anglia Railways and the Health and Safety Executive.  Although my business was to make a modest living,  I have to say it was an absolute pleasure and I miss it greatly, meeting people, having a good chat about our hobby and discussing customers needs. I guess I have been lucky as I never had to advertise for work, and was mostly very busy.  With this website I aim to share as much of my career in model railways as I can, hopefully offering  a few hints and tips along the way. I used to write in the Modelling Press and had over 20 articles in various magazines. I now think that this is the way forward. I really want to put something back into our hobby that has kept me sane (just) over many years .

During your browsing of this site you may think that I purchase a lot of stock, yes I do,  but I also sell a lot, I treat this hobby as self funding. Over the years selling something to fund another project has become a way of life. I guess being a non smoker and non drinker helped a lot when I started in the hobby.

Content will be added as and when possible, but to get going I have started off some posts as a sampling of what is to come and will build on them as time allows. Some of the subjects I hope to cover include the below:-

Fiddle Yards Used  –  Back scenes  –   Weathering  – Research-

Scenics  –   Cleanliness   –  Future developments – Sprat and Winkle Couplings –

Wagons , altering RTR and Kits –  Resin Moulding –  Track used – budgeting  –

‘I do my best’  – ‘Its your railway, enjoy it’  – ‘ I am a train spotter’  –  Exhibitions –

Most people have room for a layout

I would like to thank my son John for setting this site up for me as I am in a technology  black hole!!!

Thanks for viewing,