GOG Get together Bury St Eds

Yesterday we attended the O Gauge ‘get together’ at Bury St Edmunds. We took our DCC London Underground Layout ‘Dark Lane’. It was its debut Show and performed very well considering none of the operators had any training.

I have also included a few photo’s of a couple of other layouts that I had done some weathering of stock for the owners.

The photos are not up to my wifes normal standard due to the hall being dull.

Dark Lane

Margarets Mill

Botterill Street Yard

Dark Lane Ready

Although I made this layout about two years ago, it had been dormant during this time due to Covid and lock downs. Well today I have cleaned it down and my son John helped me add the DCC controller. We are now ready for its first Exhibition on Sunday 18th October at the GOG ‘get together’ at the Bury St Eds Sugar Beet Factories Social Club. The Layout represents a small London Transport Depot in the mid 60’s, just before steam ended. All the Ex GW Locos are sound fitted by Coastal DCC of Ipswich.

Below are some photos I took during the day:-

Industrial 03 weathered

I have now weathered the 03 for the Cement Pad Layout. Weathering an industrial Loco is nothing like doing a mainline example and the Industrials weathering is more related to the products they handle. Being used for cement loading both bulk and bagged it is likely that a ‘dusting’ would happen primarily but with a little exhaust and brake dust.

Dapol Tank in O Gauge

This is a Dapol tank that has just been released – it is classified as an anchored tank. The weathering was achieved by using five different colours, the tank itself was misted and enhanced with Gloss Black. I have added a photo of the underframe so that you can see how I airbrushed and dry brushed the colours to form a medium blended weathering.

This is a black tank (type B) so carried the heavier oil products, hence the darker spillage.

Progress on Cement Loading Pad

This is an O Gauge project of Graham’s, it started about three years ago when a partially started layout was purchased. Since then both myself and Graham have been working on the rollingstock with little progress on the layout itself.

I think all the wagons have now been purchased and weathered and up until now one Loco has been completed, a Class 05 shunter. This is the second Loco purchased, a Class 03 shunter, it has been numbered and lettered and the transfers varnished, when it is dry it will be weathered.

We intend for the Pad to handle both Bulk in Presflo’s and Bagged in Cargo Wagons.

I think it is Graham’s intention to eventually have the layout DCC sound. I will update with the progress over the next few months.

Three new DAPOL coaches.

These are the first of Dapol’s new O Gauge Coaches I have weathered. Here we have a BSK, SO and a CK in Blue and Grey, all have been given a light weathering.

The first thing I did was to get a black wash into all door grooves and creases, this is what I call shadowing and it’s the main method I use to make rolling stock look less plasticy and more 3D. I wiped away any overspill after about five minutes.

I painted the wheel rims black to blend with the rest of the wheel. The next job was to blacken the very bright buffers.

Now out with the air brush and the use of Railmatch Frame Dirt, Brake Dust, Roof Dirt and Humbrol Black. After this I dry brushed a little self mixed dark rust on the main bogie springs and secondary springs, I also added greasy blobs to the buffer faces. Finally I air brushed a small amount of roof dirt and matt black on the roof with special attention to the vents and piping.

Well the verdict on the Dapol Coaches and how they weather – 9.5 out of 10 – super models. My only advice is be careful with the glazing, it does mist very slightly, but compared to other makes they are brilliant.

Class 14 Numbered (O Gauge)

Although I have called this post Class 14 Numbered, it really is about the researching of an engine that would fit into two BR era’s on two regions.

Most people know that these engines were virtually redundant before they were delivered to the Western Region and many know they ended up in great numbers with the NCB and Steel Companies, but they also spent some time on Humberside, to be precise Hull.

I therefore picked D9523, Delivered to the WR, went to Hull and ended up with the NCB. This research gives me two BR locations and an Industrial loco for exchange sidings etc.

Congratulations to Minerva Models – great Loco.

To be weathered later.

O gauge SR Atlantic re-work

This is the last and most difficult re-work of the six cheap locos I purchased. The first four were reasonably easy to repair, this one had obviously been dropped from a height and needed a lot of TLC. This was a complete strip down and a big re-solder and glue session, lots of filing and rubbing down and then a complete repaint, lining and numbering. Because of the state of the Loco I did not put any money into the project and leftover bits and pieces from previous projects were used. This meant that there was a few things that had to be omitted, like some lining.

If you remember, I traded the sixth loco for some electrical services off group member Graham, this has still to happen on this Loco.

Considering I was contemplating binning this Loco, I am relatively happy with the result, although close scrutiny is not recommended. I will weather it later to try and hide more suspect bits, but it will always be a ‘at the back’ on the steam shed.