Gresley V3 2-6-2T in O Gauge

I have recently purchased this loco for what I consider a good price. The loco runs perfectly and has a multi stage gearbox. I can only describe the paint work as a little tired, but it is a very well made loco. I am likely to touch up the paintwork, re-line and possibly re-number.

As numbered at present it is a North Eastern engine, but they were also allocated to the Scottish Region, I am also doing some research on the engines that came down to East Anglia in 1950-51, these were drafted in before the L1’s arrived in numbers.

It would be really great if I could find one that served in Anglia, Northeast and Scotland between 1950 and 1956.

O Gauge Class 20 – weathered

Although I have said that I weathered this Loco, it was in fact a lot more than that. When I received this loco it was in a bit of a state! It was a very poor repaint, with ‘orange peel’ finish and poorly applied weathering powders. I do not think the shade of BR blue is quite right and looks to have been some sort of ‘faded blue’. The original colour was R/F Grey and some of this was still showing through! It was also numbered into the centre head code batch of Locos although it was a disc variety! There was a half hearted attempt to put on a orange cantrail stripe and some parts of the original black window surrounds were still present. Overall a real mess! I wish I had taken some before and after photos – but did not! Anyway below is what I have turned it into after nearly five hours work. It is now backdated to 1968-70 with the slightly faded paint and scuff marks being left.