Shaun launches his new Website/Blog

My friend Shaun Harvey launched his new Website yesterday at the Bawdeswell Exhibition. Please take a few minutes and take a look – it details Shaun’s move from N Gauge to O Gauge and his new project, Princes Street Yard, this is a Parcels Depot with a Coal Depot based in about 1968 – 73


Kelvin B


Oh No – Not another Diesel Depot!!

This was a statement by a visitor at an Exhibition I was attending with an O gauge Depot/Fuelling Layout. I have to admit I have heard this before and I usually dismiss this sort of comment – besides if you have half a dozen or so Loco’s then what better way to display them.

Anyway when I returned home I got to thinking –  as you do! And thought I would do a little research into what else could be good to model with a priority on ‘viewer satisfaction’ and ‘stock variety’ and keeping costs as low as possible.

I have based my thoughts on O Gauge of a maximum size of 10′ x 2′ although the suggestions would equally be viable in 4mm and 2mm.

This list is obviously not exhaustive and is basically for 1960 – 1990 and Diesel Operated. Many have been ‘done before’, but some may have not! or can be revived!

Stabling Point (No Fuel)  — Coal Yard/Drops  —  Speedlink Yard  —    Wagon Repair Facility

Engineers Sidings –  Parcels Depot  –   Fertiliser Depot   —    Head Shunt Beside Single Line

Goods Depot (up to mid 60’s)  – Small DMU run Terminus Station  —   Scrap Yard

Domestic Coal/Oil Terminal   –  Grain Terminal/Maltings/Animal Feed – Distillery/Brewery

Fish Market (early 60’s)  —  Quay Railway (similar Yarmouth) —   A loop on a single line

Newspaper/Parcels Bay Platform — Concrete Sleeper/Products Plant – Loco Washing Plant

Wooden Sleeper/Fencing Depot — Engineers waste disposal Yard – Army ordinance Depot

Industrial Site with Main Line Exchange — Road Fuelling Point for Loco’s/Hard Standing

Steel Distribution Plant — RHTT Sidings –Loco Sanding Siding/Line –Small SATLINK Yard

Small Project Mercury Yard —  Nuclear Flask Facility — Small China Clay Yard

Cement unloading (Rail to Road)

For more operational variety two of the above could be added together.

I have already used two of these thoughts —— Lowe St in OO  for the Sleeper Depot and

Morlock Heath in O Gauge for the Engineers Yard. Details and Photo’s on this site.









Over the last few years and on this site, you will have noticed that I mention several names as working with/ doing for/helping out. Although totally unplanned, over the years, we have worked closer together to further our great hobby – Model Railways.

Our Group:-   John Barnes    Shaun Harvey   Graham Minshull    Kelvin Barnes

Our informal group works as loosely as possibly and is not cluttered with the formal decision making that you find with the usual club formations. However we are always available to discuss any problems, ideas and developments via email or by a visit. We have over 80 years of modelling in various gauges between us so we are not short of inspiration. We are not anti club – they have their part to play – it is just at the moment we are happy with our lot.

We do belong to various National Organisations, for instance we are all members of the O Gauge Guild. I must admit following the recent bad feeling created on one forum by so called ‘Keyboard Warriors’, I can only say – grow up people – it’s only a hobby. I am also a member of DEMU which is a far gentler place than other forums with little or no ‘back biting’, sadly O gauge modellers are at a premium on the DEMU Forum. Its times like this, I feel very lucky to be part of our informal group.

We mainly Exhibit in East Anglia, but in future we may expand a bit as projects are finished. All decisions as to whether to Exhibit are decided jointly.

It is with this in mind, I would like to say that our group members intend to do individual  blog sites similar to this one. The first to do this is Shaun who will be setting up his site over the next few weeks. Shaun’s work is truly excellent and deserves to be showcased. I will publish the web address when he feels it is worth visiting. I will also put some ‘tasters’ of his work on this site as his blog progresses.

Update on Multi Purpose Plank

Well, to start with, it is no longer a O Gauge Plank – it is now multi gauge with OO gauge track, magnet and ‘spratt’ height gauge added.

Although I have moved more towards O gauge, I still have some OO stock left and due to rising costs I may well use the OO as a fall back.

The only thing I need to purchase for the plank is a set of OO rolling roads.

I have Glued the original O Gauge rolling road Box to the Plank and will do the same with any new OO rolling road.

Finally, yes there is room for a N Gauge Track, if put under pressure by my son.