The Move from OO to O Gauge

To show my commitment to move from OO to O Gauge here is a photo of the same Class 26 Loco in both gauges.

I spent most of yesterday adding the full yellow front on the O gauge Model, hand brushed two undercoats and four topcoats. The model was then detailed and numbered as D5335, the only Loco I can find in this Class  with a warning panel like this.

After finishing I put the OO Class 26 on Ebay. Here are some photo’s of the Loco’s for the one and only time!!!!











Heljan Class 31 in Green SYP.

This is  a light to medium weathering of a standard Heljan Class 31. I have to say that this is the third Loco I have done in this livery and they weather very well and certainly look the part, I love the subtle blending over the lower stripes, and its easy to achieve. Must get around to weathering my Green Class 31 (30) and looking forward to working on the new D5578 and D5579 coming out before Xmas (Hopefully).





Making Tree armatures

At the Bressingham Narrow Gauge Exhibition I noticed that a trader was selling a jig to make tree armatures. The trader Norfolk Heath Works was selling a kit that included the jig, reel of wire and a jar of latex. I duly purchased a kit and the next day out came the jig to ‘have a go’. The jig is graduated in feet for the height of the tree from ground level, this covers N Gauge, OO Gauge and O Gauge. The kit costs £15.

You simply wind the wire around the steel pegs until you have done enough for your chosen height, remove from the jig and the cut the tops of the loops. It is then a case of twisting the wire into the trunk and branches. when satisfied keep coating with latex until you are happy with the thickness and shape. Even after coating with latex the armature is fully bendable.

Below are some photo’s of my first attempts of various types and sizes of armatures. I will post further when foliage is added.







Class R Wagons – Now finished (SM32)

These wagons have taken me much more time to complete than expected, but I am now happy with them. They are now all loaded and the items on board are ready to look after the horses at the front. I have partially ‘tarped’ the fodder wagons, but the hay and water cans are open to the elements, but as the layout is based on ‘late summer’ this is no problem.








Photo’s not taken on 4000 yards – area 5