Test Shunting on Little Sefton

As the layout is almost finished apart from a little more blending and weathering, I thought some test shunting to prove the layout would be good. I used DY1 Dock Shunter D2950 as the first Loco to run on the new layout. I am using Spratt & Winkle 4mm couplings, not 7mm, see photos. Note how I use the original coupling hook as a ‘stop’ for the ‘Spratts’.

Little Sefton – Nearly There!

Another busy few days on the layout (shunting plank), I have added the lights, people, fixtures and fittings. The only thing to do really is blending with the airbrush, but this will have to wait for a little warmer weather. The cameo scenes are complete, but still waiting for a couple of items to arrive in the post.

So there we are, a very good project that helped me survive the dreaded Covid 19 and associated Lock Downs. It took me about five weeks to make on an already made Baseboard and Fiddle Yard. This is the fourth layout I have made during the Pandemic and thoughts now turn to the fifth, but what will it be? I must admit that if it was a lot warmer them my choice would be more Loco painting and weathering, but working indoors in a very limited space (the kitchen), it is likely be another small layout. My only black thought is whether I will ever be able to Exhibit them in the future, bearing in mind I am in a vulnerable group and my mental health has taken a beating in this very difficult world.

Further work on Little Sefton (7/1)

Almost finished now, just a few more jobs to be done. All scenics have been finished and all buildings have been glued down. The next job to do after adding a few more details, will be a general blending of everything.

Further details include, People/Workers, Bicycles, Lights, Oil Drums and scattered Track bits.

I will do an update when finished in another few days.

Further work on Little Sefton (3/1)

Work continues apace on the scenics. The Coaling Staithes have been completed with a weighing machine, coal sacks and spillages. The first trees have been added to the grassy mounds on both sides of the track – under brush and grasses still to be added. The lever frame and rodding has been completed and glued down. The run of fence posts have been added to the front grassed area. I have ordered a loading gauge, some fencing and some bicycles, hopefully they will be with me next week.

Further work on Little Sefton (1/1)

I had a very busy day on the layout yesterday, All grassed areas have had a base coating, the basic back scene has been painted and the buildings have all been glazed.

I now consider the layout to be about 75% finished but the most important detailing will now start until I feel it is complete.

The layout has come a long way in three weeks or so, but it has kept my mind off he current Covid crisis and restrictions.


Further work on Little Sefton (31/12)

Again I have been quite busy working on the layout. The bridge is now complete and weathered. I have installed the magnets for the Spratt and Winkle couplings. The basic grassing has been started as has the painting of the backgrounds. The Coal Staithes have been glued down and weathered with spills etc. I still have some sacks of coal and a weighing machine to add.

Further work on Little Sefton (28/12)

Lots of progress over the last few days, the back scene is painted, all buildings etc. are weathered, road vehicles weathered, bridge cladded in blocks, coal added to staithes and the mounds are now ready for grassing.

Nothing is glued down at present. Next job, more work on backscene and paint and weather the bridge.

Below are a few photos but due to the dull conditions they are not great.

Further work on Little Sefton (24/12)

Work on the layout continues, The banks to form the grassy areas has been made, they will now be covered with Mod-roc before painting etc. I have now painted all the buildings and structures, they are basically painted and have had polyfiller rubbed into the brickwork, I then used Coloron Dye to tone the polyfiller down before coating everything with matt varnish. I now need to touch up the corners of the buildings and then weather the lot.

Further work on Little Sefton (22/12)

Due to bad weather yesterday I had to change my plans and continue with the layout as opposed to doing some Loco/Wagon Spraying.

The track and surrounds are now fully weathered with Railmatch Sleeper Grime and Matt Black, all hand brushed, The buffers have been top coated and weathered. The Coal Staithes have been painted but not yet weathered. The yard Crane has had a coat of Matt Black and will have some parts picked out in Red before weathering.

I have placed all the buildings on the layout and will paint them as I get time. I also intend to have some grassy mounds up against the bridge walls on both sides. I will also make some point rodding to the ground frame.

Ballast tidied – track side painted.

One of the worst jobs when making a layout is ballast picking and tidying. In other words removing any ballast that defies gravity! I have also given the ground cover a quick sandpaper to remove and humps and bumps. I will make a few puddles etc. in the ground cover later.

I have painted the Buffer Stops in undercoat and painted the track edges with Railmatch ‘sleeper grime’. When I weather the whole trackage area the edges will get further discoloured.