Garden Railway Show 26/6/21

This morning Graham, John and myself put 4000 Yards – Area 5 up in the garden for a final run and check before its appearance at this Saturdays Show.

As well as checking everything out and a general clean, we also added two more trees and added some Shells and Boxes to a wagon. We also checked out the latest traction for the layout, a simplex open frame unit that Graham has 3D printed and assembled himself, my task is to now get it painted in 2 days!!! fingers crossed.

N Gauge Baseboard Development

After making the two 1200 x 900 boards, it was decided to enlarge the layout and two more boards 900 x 400 were ordered. I knew the lead time for these boards was about six weeks when I ordered them, but I had little choice so I waited.

These boards turned up Tuesday and I made them straight away. Over the last two days I have added the new boards to the originals and each of the two boards now measures 1600 x 900. This makes the overall layout 3200 x 900.

The boards all went together really well. I doweled between the original boards and the extra boards to ensure they were very strong.

Cradles and Drums added to S & T ZXV

This wagon is now completely finished with the cradles and drums added. It was made by Graham, painted and weathered by myself and finished off by Graham. I think more S & T wagons are likely to happen over the next few months.

The wagon is being displayed on Morlock Heath, this layout has now passed to Graham and is available for Exhibitions.

Stabling Point – Update 2/5/21

Between showers today I managed to continue with work on the Stabling Point – board one. I have drilled the hole in the On/Off switch Box, added another scenic back board and started on the bridge that is the start of the fiddle yard/sector plate.

I have designed the fiddle yard so that as well as storing/switching on the sector plate, I can also store two Locos on tracks one and four inside the fiddle yard.

O Gauge Stabling Point- Wired

I have been very busy on the new layout – it is the work that makes the layout reliable, but not a lot of visual activity. I have cut the track and made 19 isolating sections, the through wiring to both boards is complete and the power feeds are all done and just need adding to the controller.

Both baseboard sections have had the on/off isolating boxes made and the board one box has been added to the backscene board. This saves a lot of through wiring between the two baseboards and makes an easier conversion to DCC if I win the lottery and can fund some more sound fitting.