Gresley V3 2-6-2T in O Gauge

I have recently purchased this loco for what I consider a good price. The loco runs perfectly and has a multi stage gearbox. I can only describe the paint work as a little tired, but it is a very well made loco. I am likely to touch up the paintwork, re-line and possibly re-number.

As numbered at present it is a North Eastern engine, but they were also allocated to the Scottish Region, I am also doing some research on the engines that came down to East Anglia in 1950-51, these were drafted in before the L1’s arrived in numbers.

It would be really great if I could find one that served in Anglia, Northeast and Scotland between 1950 and 1956.

O Gauge Class 20 – weathered

Although I have said that I weathered this Loco, it was in fact a lot more than that. When I received this loco it was in a bit of a state! It was a very poor repaint, with ‘orange peel’ finish and poorly applied weathering powders. I do not think the shade of BR blue is quite right and looks to have been some sort of ‘faded blue’. The original colour was R/F Grey and some of this was still showing through! It was also numbered into the centre head code batch of Locos although it was a disc variety! There was a half hearted attempt to put on a orange cantrail stripe and some parts of the original black window surrounds were still present. Overall a real mess! I wish I had taken some before and after photos – but did not! Anyway below is what I have turned it into after nearly five hours work. It is now backdated to 1968-70 with the slightly faded paint and scuff marks being left.

J15 in OO with Tender Cab

Here we have a Hornby OO J15 with an added Tender Cab. This is a 3D printed item from NIU Models. This is a straight forward addition with the minimum trimming needed, but it will need a small painting job, a little weathering will help blend Tender Cab. We chose the Loco number from actual photos to ensure the finished model is prototypical.

OO Sentinel Pair Weathered

Here are two Sentinels, one straight from the box, but the other has moved from LNER branding to Early BR and in Departmental service. Getting transfers for the move to a Departmental Loco proved very difficult – the Departmental Loco and number were obtained from Fox transfers, but I could not trace any Civil Engineers transfers of the correct size and BR(E) logo. In the end I cut up some ‘Beer Wagon’ transfers in O Gauge to form the BR.E logo that was also used on this type engine – but not No. 42. I will call this a fair representation rather than accurate for the No 42.

I have also added some extra coal since the photos were taken.