O Gauge Loco Sand Wagon – Weathered

This loco sand wagon was painted over six months ago and this weekend I have managed to weather it, I could not find a colour photo of this wagon so I have done my own interpretation. This was a long lived wagon and lasted in this livery until the early sixties – although meant for filling Steam Locos sand boxes, this one lasted long enough to sand Diesels.

P.O Wagon in O Gauge

This is one of very few O Gauge P.O wagons I have weathered – it is a Slaters or similar with pre-printed sides. The plank joins are not as deep as some other brands, but I managed to get some semblance of shadowing in the joins – sadly this model has no planking on the inside and it shows and looks flat! I was given this to weather many months ago, but slowly catching up. If this was my wagon, I would definitely give it a full coal load.

Loco Sand Wagons BR(E)

This is a tale of two Loco 7T Sand Wagons in O gauge. The first one was purchased as a kit at an O Gauge ‘meet up’ at Bury St Eds. last year. I duly passed it to Graham for assembly. It has now arrived back for me to finish, it will become number 600023 a Ipswich wagon that lasted until about 1962, and was used to top up Diesel Loco’s as well as the earlier Steam Loco’s.

I saw the second wagon on the Steamline Website for sale and purchased it as it was again a locally based wagon at Yarmouth Vauxhall. Both Wagons were made from Connoisseur Kits by Jim McGeown.