Three Clark Presflo’s Weathered

This is the first three of a rake of six Presflo’s that have been weathered for my friend Mike. They are to run on his early sixties layout.

Two different types of weathering was used, first the Yellow one was subjected to a wash and wipe session before a bit of misting and dry brushing afterwards.

The two brown examples were totally misted and dry brushed, although I did one lightish and the other more to a medium standard.

A lot of examples I have seen have used a near white paint – I used three shades of light grey, the last one with just a drop of light yellow mixed in.

Two O Gauge Wagons Weathered.

Here we have two completely different wagon types. The first one is the ZXV that Graham made and I painted and weathered, I have put pre-weathered photos on a previous post. The second is an out of the box Heljan OAA, this has been detailed by adding the provided chains and a representation of a replacement plank on the center drop side door.

Another six wagons for BNSF Layout

These are wagons I purchased over twenty years ago, they used to run on the Bensen Layout I made in the early 2000’s. These wagons in contrast to the six I weathered the other day are light to medium and some have a faded look that I am playing around with.

When mixed with the first six I posted, which were quite heavily weathered I hope that I will have a good overall ‘working look’. I may well buy two more wagons and give them a very light weathering, virtually new or repainted, after all that mirrors an average train content.

By the way, Bensen is still viewable on this site – just search the name.

Upgraded Darstead Well Wagon

While looking through various suppliers of O Gauge wagons, I noticed that Ellis Clark had updated a number of the Darstead Well Wagons. It was a run of about 10 wagons that had been repainted and lettered, had been re-wheeled using Peco items and had the floor replaced with an Intentio laser cut offering.

My first reaction was, ‘that will weather well’, followed by placing an order straight away. On arrival, my first thought was what a great wagon and it was a lovely revamp of the original Darstead product.

The first thing I did was to darken the wooden inserts with Coloron Wood Dye, giving it three coats. When dry I did my usual wash and wipe before using the airbrush to complete the main weathering. I then touched up the bogie springs and the chain loops with a touch of dark rust.