Hornby Dublo Layout

Our Group has another new member, Peter Willis is a well known Exhibition Manager and Exhibitor in East Anglia. Peters first layout available within the group is a Hornby Dublo demonstration layout. It represents Meccano Products made in the 1940’s and 50’s.

Please see the list of Exhibition Layouts on this site to book this layout for your Exhibition.

Bressingham Gardens Exhibition 23/10

Quite an unusual occasion this Sunday (23rd) at Bressingham Gardens and Museum. For the first time in over 30 years modelling there will be three layouts that I built on display at this Exhibition, although they are all with new owners.

Morlock Heath – BR 1985 – O Gauge – Engineers Yard – Now owned by Graham Minshull – STAND 15

Lowe St. – BR late 50’s and 60’s – OO Gauge -Sleeper Depot – Now owned by Nick Goward – STAND 12

Grub Lane – Industrial 1960’s – O Gauge – Engine Shed – Now owned by John Barnes – STAND 19

This is our last Exhibition this year so please come and say hello to us all. It has been a very traumatic year for our group and the next four months with no Shows will help us come to terms with some of the changes in our lives.

We have potentially at least 10 Exhibitions next year starting at Dereham in the first week in March 2023.

EARM with Botterill Street Yard.

While Graham, Les and John were at The Great Electric Train Show at Milton Keynes with two layouts, Peter was at the East Anglian Railway Museum’s Exhibition for ‘small layouts’ with Botterill Street Yard on Sunday. Here are some photos taken by Peter of the layout at the Exhibition.

Very busy weekend for our Group.

GOG Get together Bury St Eds

Yesterday we attended the O Gauge ‘get together’ at Bury St Edmunds. We took our DCC London Underground Layout ‘Dark Lane’. It was its debut Show and performed very well considering none of the operators had any training.

I have also included a few photo’s of a couple of other layouts that I had done some weathering of stock for the owners.

The photos are not up to my wifes normal standard due to the hall being dull.

Dark Lane

Margarets Mill

Botterill Street Yard

Dark Lane Ready

Although I made this layout about two years ago, it had been dormant during this time due to Covid and lock downs. Well today I have cleaned it down and my son John helped me add the DCC controller. We are now ready for its first Exhibition on Sunday 18th October at the GOG ‘get together’ at the Bury St Eds Sugar Beet Factories Social Club. The Layout represents a small London Transport Depot in the mid 60’s, just before steam ended. All the Ex GW Locos are sound fitted by Coastal DCC of Ipswich.

Below are some photos I took during the day:-

Progress on Cement Loading Pad

This is an O Gauge project of Graham’s, it started about three years ago when a partially started layout was purchased. Since then both myself and Graham have been working on the rollingstock with little progress on the layout itself.

I think all the wagons have now been purchased and weathered and up until now one Loco has been completed, a Class 05 shunter. This is the second Loco purchased, a Class 03 shunter, it has been numbered and lettered and the transfers varnished, when it is dry it will be weathered.

We intend for the Pad to handle both Bulk in Presflo’s and Bagged in Cargo Wagons.

I think it is Graham’s intention to eventually have the layout DCC sound. I will update with the progress over the next few months.

Gare De Brindille Fiddle Yard Finished

I have just finished the new fiddle yard and blended the new with the old. We still have some extra bricks to add and this will be done before its next Exhibition.

The new fiddle yard gives us far more flexibility and lets us run longer and more realistic trains.

The dilapidated Shed was made using MDF, Cork and various strip wood.