Shelby Yard -HO BNSF Layout finished.

Since starting this project all photos have been taken inside, today I took the layout outside for its final photo shoot before storage. I do have another Fork Truck on order and this will be added, I did purchase a Gaugemaster electronic track cleaner and this will also be added to ensure good running.

Vehicles, People and Fork Trucks have been put into place and the small desert area has been detailed.

While I don’t think there is much chance of Exhibitions this year, I do hope to put together a virtual Show of all the layouts I have made during the Lockdown, five and counting!

Started adding detail to SHELBY YARD

Yes, I have eventually named the BNSF HO Layout, memories of those fantastic Mustangs and Cobras shone through in the end! I have spent the last two nights painting and weathering crates, pallets and drums, I am placing these on the layout to see the effect and how they blend, none are glued down yet. Lots more to find a home yet!

Before gluing the buildings and little items down, my thoughts turn to signage, both on the buildings and on the crates etc.

Update 10.02.21 BNSF Layout

The ballasting and sanding in the yard is now just about finished, the only bit not done is the entry to the sector plate. I have wired two isolating sections on the layout for storage of Loco’s while awaiting a train.

The next task is to complete the wiring to the controller and the yard tracks. The points are manual as they are in the fiddle yard, so the wiring should not take long. After that I will finish the ballasting right up to the sector plate.

I have had lots of pallets, oil drums and crates arrive which will need painting and weathering. I have also obtained six HO figures that I will repaint. I need to get some vehicles both commercial and private cars.

Update 6/02/21 BNSF Layout.

Another busy few days on the BNSF layout. The buildings have now visited the garage for an airbrush and a bit of dry brushing. The main job however was the laying of about 50% of the layout with ballast and sand. After leaving it to dry overnight I then cleaned up all stray bits of ballast and ensured that a wagon ran up and down with no problems. I used a light brown paint to cover the track sides, very little rust here as it does not rain very often and the site is on the edge of an arid desert. The rule is very little rust, but lots of dust and blowing sands. I however will add some spillages and debris later.

BNSF Buildings Stage one weathered.

Hoped to finish the buildings today, but it has been raining heavily and the garage is to damp to complete the job – below are a few photos after being washed and wiped as a base coating. I still need to do some dry brushing and a little air brushing when we have a dry day.

Anyway I think you can see how they have started to blend with the rest of the layout and backboard.

More Concrete on BNSF Layout

This is not a full update, but I have spent all day adding the rest of the concreted area and detailing what was laid already. Below are the results, beginning to look a lot better after some of the expansion joints added and a touch of weathering.

Still to be ballasted and desert edges sanded.

Sorry photos not great quality.

Update 28/01/01 HO BNSF

Just a quick update on the still unnamed Layout. Been quite busy laying areas of concrete inside and outside the main ‘Transfer Shed’ and still lots more concrete to lay. The layout will contain a lot of concrete and sand to portray a semi desert scene in Arizona. I have started to put the first coats of weathering on the ramp and other concreted areas.

All concrete will have expansion joints scribed in for realism.

I have cut the two other background buildings down to 75% relief, this has also given me two 25% relief buildings that may fit in. This gives me better space to fit in more cameo scenes between the rails and the buildings.

I have tested all spaces for potential vehicle movements and vehicle storage areas.

I have fitted the American style Hayes Bumpers to the three tracks that are outside the main shed.

Test Shunting on Little Sefton

As the layout is almost finished apart from a little more blending and weathering, I thought some test shunting to prove the layout would be good. I used DY1 Dock Shunter D2950 as the first Loco to run on the new layout. I am using Spratt & Winkle 4mm couplings, not 7mm, see photos. Note how I use the original coupling hook as a ‘stop’ for the ‘Spratts’.

Little Sefton – Nearly There!

Another busy few days on the layout (shunting plank), I have added the lights, people, fixtures and fittings. The only thing to do really is blending with the airbrush, but this will have to wait for a little warmer weather. The cameo scenes are complete, but still waiting for a couple of items to arrive in the post.

So there we are, a very good project that helped me survive the dreaded Covid 19 and associated Lock Downs. It took me about five weeks to make on an already made Baseboard and Fiddle Yard. This is the fourth layout I have made during the Pandemic and thoughts now turn to the fifth, but what will it be? I must admit that if it was a lot warmer them my choice would be more Loco painting and weathering, but working indoors in a very limited space (the kitchen), it is likely be another small layout. My only black thought is whether I will ever be able to Exhibit them in the future, bearing in mind I am in a vulnerable group and my mental health has taken a beating in this very difficult world.