Stabling Point – Update 2/5/21

Between showers today I managed to continue with work on the Stabling Point – board one. I have drilled the hole in the On/Off switch Box, added another scenic back board and started on the bridge that is the start of the fiddle yard/sector plate.

I have designed the fiddle yard so that as well as storing/switching on the sector plate, I can also store two Locos on tracks one and four inside the fiddle yard.

Track Laid on Stabling Point

All track has been laid on the new O Gauge Stabling Point. The layout will stable up to 15 Mainline Loco’s and 3 Shunters. It will be DC as I cannot afford doing all my Locos DCC, let alone sound. Besides I already have a small Fuelling Point that is DCC and holds 6 Locos. The overall size of the new layout is 12′ x 18″. The main running period will be 1960 – 1970.

Track Laying on the sector plate

Today I sorted the track going into the sector plate. I always spend a lot of time on this ensuring everything lines up and the rail height is level on each section.

You can see how adding the extra strip of soft wood on the front of the layout ensures that four tracks fit comfortably. The four sidings in the stabling point will end in different lengths to allow a car park, huts etc.

Baseboards – change of plans.

As on previous posts, the next layout was to be my Sons new N Gauge Layout, with boards already made. Well, we decided to enlarge the project to 12′ x 3′ from 8′ x 3′. The new board kits have been ordered but they are not due to be delivered until late May, six weeks away.

I have therefore made a decision on my remaining made up baseboards – they will become another O Gauge layout approx 12′ x 18″. I intend to try and make this layout as a bit of a ‘design clever’ with removable items so that a variety of running eras and locations can be used. For example I intend to have removable buffer stops on a bolt on system, one set of traditional stops and another the up to date RAWIE style. Other changes will be different buildings, yard lights and railway staff to enable quick changes to run different eras.

The layout will be a Diesel stabling point as small fuel points to the traditional style have dwindled over the last thirty years or so. I intend to leave room for Loco fuel tank filling from road transport as used nowadays, but no fueling point or its sundry items will be added.

The layout will be DC as I already have a Diesel DCC fueling point in O Gauge, Merlins Lane. The Sector plate will be extended by about four inches and will probably be ‘pointless’

Layout/Baseboard Update

Now that I have almost finished a rather large lot of O Gauge Loco numbering and weathering, my thoughts turn to ‘what next’. Yesterday I made up two 900mm x 400mm laser cut baseboards, I then joined them with wooden dowels and PVA to make one permanent layout 1800mm x 400mm. I also have ‘in hand’ a 1200mm x 400mm laser cut, made up layout which has a small sector plate attached.

I am now looking at various options for two layouts, one 1800mm x 400mm and one 1200mm x 400mm. Another possibility is to amalgamate both baseboards together and make one layout 3000mm x 400mm.

Smaller board options are:-

Diesel Depot in OO — Steam Shed in OO

Dual board options are:-

Engineers Yard in OO — Early Diesel Depot in O Gauge.

Yesterday I also received a parcel containing two laser cut kits for 1200mm x 900mm boards. This will make a two part layout size 2400mm x 900mm. This is planned to be a made into a N Gauge Layout primarily for my Son, but also to add an N Gauge capability for our Group.

Sector Plate made by NORFOLK HEATH WORKS made for NSNGM

All baseboards by Grainge & Hodder

2 x 1200mm x 900mm Board Kits for N Gauge Layout.