Photo Plank – idea

I recently refurbished my OO and O Gauge photo planks, they are several years old and needed some TLC. I also put photos of the O Gauge plank on a superb website called – Realistic Model Railways – it is a very friendly site and cultivates ideas for yourself and others. Anyway a kind gentleman suggested that I should try a ‘curved’ corner on the plank – this was to improve the photos and cut down on sharp shadows formed by the corner. I think I have seen this method used on a few layouts over the years.

I intend to re-do both the O and OO planks when I get time – but in the meantime I had a go at the suggestion on the OO plank and ‘patched’ it in – did it work. Yes it did, thank you kind Sir.



Please Note – this was quickly done and the replacement will have a photographic background. By the way the Tamper was scratch-built 40 years ago by myself and a friend.

Refurbished Photo Planks

My photo planks were looking a bit tatty, so I decided to freshen them up a bit. A clean and then patch up on both, finished off the new backscene on the O Gauge plank. I have left the hand painted backscene on the OO plank. Added quite a bit of groundcover bushes and grasses on both. All I need to do now is become a better photographer!!!!

It is my ultimate plan to produce two new planks, twice the size and much more detailed with photographic backscenes.

O Gauge

OO Gauge

OO Class 47 weathered

Here are a few old Heljan 47’s that I weathered this afternoon. All are detailed one end and retain tension locks at the other, I have also replaced the cab handrails for something a bit finer. I detailed these many years ago but have only just weathered them. I still think they look good and are a good entry level for a cheapish 47 – plenty available on selling sites for around £80.

OO Coaches revisited

Its marvellous what projects I took on over twenty years ago, and the amount of time I spent doing them. I certainly could not repeat a lot of them now I am almost 75 Years Old!

I had somebody ask about coaches I had repainted the other day and dug them out and photographed them for old times sake!

Five Coaches in Nat Express – East Anglia – 3 x 2nd Class– 1 x 1st Class– Buffet 1st

(I used to run a ONE DVT with this set)

Anglia Rake – 6 coaches — 1 x 1st Class –3 x 2nd Class– 1 x Buffet — 1 x DBSO

J15 in OO with Tender Cab

Here we have a Hornby OO J15 with an added Tender Cab. This is a 3D printed item from NIU Models. This is a straight forward addition with the minimum trimming needed, but it will need a small painting job, a little weathering will help blend Tender Cab. We chose the Loco number from actual photos to ensure the finished model is prototypical.

OO Sentinel Pair Weathered

Here are two Sentinels, one straight from the box, but the other has moved from LNER branding to Early BR and in Departmental service. Getting transfers for the move to a Departmental Loco proved very difficult – the Departmental Loco and number were obtained from Fox transfers, but I could not trace any Civil Engineers transfers of the correct size and BR(E) logo. In the end I cut up some ‘Beer Wagon’ transfers in O Gauge to form the BR.E logo that was also used on this type engine – but not No. 42. I will call this a fair representation rather than accurate for the No 42.

I have also added some extra coal since the photos were taken.