Macintosh 0-6-0T in O Gauge

This is a loco I purchased before I had Covid and I had already repainted it from LMS to BR(SC) and numbered it accordingly.

It was in quite a state, but under all the grime and peeling paint lurked a well made model. It was fitted with DCC sound but this has now been removed and sold.

It is now varnished and will be weathered when I get time.

Its good to be modelling again after the Covid episode and I will push myself a bit further as time goes on.

Gare de Brindille

This Sm32 16mm WW1 Layout is the latest addition to our Exhibition Layout portfolio. It has been purchased by group member Graham from Chris Hopper. Graham has also purchased some stock from Chris, including a locomotive. The layout is DCC Sound equipped as is the Locomotive.

I will add the layout to our Exhibition Layouts page soon and it will be available for Exhibitions straight away.

The below photos are by Chris Hopper and Andrew Burnham.

Latest Exhibition

This is my first post for nearly two months. Sadly I have had Covid, which turned into the longer version. I am now starting to feel a bit better although I still have a few problems – not least extreme tiredness.

The group has done a couple of Exhibitions over the last two months and I have got a few pictures together that were taken by Jaeson and Shaun.

A really big thank you to Graham, Shaun, Jaeson and John.

Winkles Yard by Shaun at Bawdeswell Exhibition (OO)

Ashwell Moor Fuel and Stabling Point by John Barnes at Bawdeswell Exhibition (O)

Whitwell & Reepham Gala Demo

Over the weekend of the Gala Graham and Shaun did both days and were joined by John and Charlie with their Layout Grubb Lane on Sunday. Shaun had his large collection of O Gauge models on view, this included some scratch and kit built items. Graham was showing items that he had 3D printed, both in O Gauge and in SM32. Again the photos were taken by my wife.

Whitwell & Reepham Gala

On Sunday our group visited W & R Railway Gala. The Gala was primarily to say hello to their newly re-built ‘Agecroft No. 3’ and to say goodbye to ‘Victory’ that now retires for a couple of years for refurbishment. We were asked to do a Demo and a Display to help with the Gala atmosphere. I have split this into two sections, the Gala itself and separately our Demo and Display. All Photos by my Wife.

Two Dapol VEA

Here are two Dapol VEA’s that were recently purchased by Group Member Graham. I had heard quite a bit about them before they were brought to me to weather. A lot of people were concerned that the Red/Grey Railfreight livery was a bit ‘plasticy’ and needed to be repainted! Anyway this is how I finished both a Red/Grey and a Bauxite one. Firstly I varnished the sides to ensure that the tampo printed lettering was stable, when using harsh thinners of some tampo lettering it can become soft and move and/or distort.

After leaving the varnish to dry for three days I did a wash and wipe with dilute Matt Black paint. This left the paint in all crevices after wiping. I then airbrushed Frame Dirt, Brake Dust and a little Matt Black to the underframe, cleaning the hand brake handles before drying, these are usually wiped regularly for safety reasons. Lastly I dry brushed the chassis springs, brake pads, buffers and couplings with various rust colours. I also stippled the roofs with a little dilute Matt Black and Mid Grey, just to take the fresh look away.

Please see the below results, I must say these are excellent wagons and weathering does take the ‘plasticy’ look away.

Peckett E Class

I purchased this Loco as an addition to my Industrial Fleet, however it did not turn out that way. While I was reading the information and history included in the box I saw that the GWR had a few of these Locos for Dock Shunting. That was it, I changed my plans and it became a BR(W) Loco. I have now converted the Loco with the extra parts within the box and given it a light weathering.

Scottish Caly Pug 0-4-0 ST

This is the last of my Scottish Tank Engines that I have recently refurbished and repainted, detailed and weathered.

I have six Loco’s ready now and waiting for completion of my Station Layout that I started over four years ago. These will form my Scottish based era of 1952-55.

The full list is:-

D40 – K1/1 – J83 – N17 – Caly Pug – Jinty.

Scottish J83 O-6-0T

This is my latest reconditioning job, I purchased this Loco over five years ago in a bit of a state paint wise, although it was a good runner with a good motor and multistage gearbox.

I stripped all the blistered and runny paintwork and did a partial repaint, I then put new BR logos and numbers on. Finally I gave it a medium weathering to blend all the reconditioned work.

Note this loco had a lengthened Cab bottom footstep and an extra handrail so that shunters could ride on the loco, I believe this was quite common on Scottish shunting Locos.