Loco Sand Wagons BR(E)

This is a tale of two Loco 7T Sand Wagons in O gauge. The first one was purchased as a kit at an O Gauge ‘meet up’ at Bury St Eds. last year. I duly passed it to Graham for assembly. It has now arrived back for me to finish, it will become number 600023 a Ipswich wagon that lasted until about 1962, and was used to top up Diesel Loco’s as well as the earlier Steam Loco’s.

I saw the second wagon on the Steamline Website for sale and purchased it as it was again a locally based wagon at Yarmouth Vauxhall. Both Wagons were made from Connoisseur Kits by Jim McGeown.

Busy Weekend

We attended two Exhibitions this past weekend, Dereham and Needham Market. here are a few photos taken by my wife on her new phone/camera. The layout was Grubb Lane on Sunday and 4000 Yards Area 5 on Saturday – The group photo is the original founder members. This is the first time we have all met up at an Exhibition for nine months – we have had a very traumatic time recently and are all looking forward to a better year at Exhibitions this year.

Hornby Dublo Layout

Our Group has another new member, Peter Willis is a well known Exhibition Manager and Exhibitor in East Anglia. Peters first layout available within the group is a Hornby Dublo demonstration layout. It represents Meccano Products made in the 1940’s and 50’s.

Please see the list of Exhibition Layouts on this site to book this layout for your Exhibition.

Two O Gauge Pugs

Here are two Kit Built Sevenscale Pugs, one BR and the other LMS. The BR Pug was built to a very high standard and only a few tweaks and a light weathering were asked for by their owner Ollie. The second Pug I believe was an Ebay purchase and required a lot more work as it was built to a lesser standard, had a few bits missing. It was also in the wrong LMS livery for Ollie, so a partial repaint and new number and transfers required, it also has been given a light weathering.

Warning Mould Attack

I have some layouts part finished in my shed. I last looked at the contents just before Xmas and all was OK, on looking yesterday the layouts have been attacked by mould. Those that were painted were less affected than those in raw wood, the ones with MDF were by far the worse affected, although other woods did suffer a bit,

I got one layout outside this morning and tried some Mould Remover that I purchased. It seems to work OK, but to be on the safe side I will leave it a couple of days and check that the patch I did is still free of contamination.

This has set me back on a year that I had hoped to finish all the unfinished Layouts. I think I will wait until the better weather before full refurbishment commences and at the moment I estimate at least two – three weeks work if everything goes well.

I have been told that MDF is very prone to mould during the winter – but in 30 years of using it I have never had trouble before – but all the affected layouts use the same batch of MDF purchased three years ago.