O Gauge Match Truck Finished.

This little wagon has become a bit of a labour of love. I was determined to get the planking exactly how I wanted it. I tried three different colours before I got it how I wanted it, I then scraped through two coats a bit to get a variance of several colours, lastly I highlighted the plank joins using a soft pencil before varnishing over the top. I gave all yellow painted parts my usual wash and wipe to get some shadowing and ingrained dirt. I lastly airbrushed the chassis with my normal four colours.

OO – B17/6 and O Gauge 03 Match Truck.

This is just a taster really as both of these will be weathered when the varnish is dry in about three days.

The B17/6 is a rename and renumber of a Hornby model, It has been fully detailed and had a Westinghouse brake added. Again I would add that research is a must when wanting to change the identity of a Loco.

The O gauge match truck is based on a Dapol Conflat A, Just resprayed and lettered, plus the addition of air pipes. This type of match truck was used around the North East of England but not in East Anglia who tended to convert Shock Wagon Chassis.

Class 31 and two Class 122

This is the final part of my latest batch of weathering. These are all for our group member Shaun and are to a light to medium Standard.

Weathering the Class 122’s is quite a long job as you can not use the wash and wipe method due to the amount of windows on a DMU. I carefully run the dilute matt black into all the door creases ensuring that none got anywhere near the windows, I then used a cotton bud with a little white spirit to clean up the overspill, again being very careful with the windows.

GOG Get together BSE

Yesterday our group attended the GOG get together at Bury St Edmunds. It was our first outing together as a complete group since March 2020.

It was a great Day with our layouts ‘Little Sefton’ and ‘Grub Lane’. Lots of interaction and great conversations and we had several potential invites to more Exhibitions in 2022, covid permitting. They were Stowmarket, Bury St Eds, Norwich, GOG x 2 and finally one in Wexford Ireland!

I can also confirm that we will be appearing at the Great Electric Train Show 2021 at Milton Keynes with our 16mm Layout 4000 Yards – Area 5. Graham and Shaun will be there both days and Jaeson with be there on Saturday only, please, if you are going along, say hello.

My Son John and my Grandson Charlie operate ‘Grubb Lane’