Stabling Point – Update 2/5/21

Between showers today I managed to continue with work on the Stabling Point – board one. I have drilled the hole in the On/Off switch Box, added another scenic back board and started on the bridge that is the start of the fiddle yard/sector plate.

I have designed the fiddle yard so that as well as storing/switching on the sector plate, I can also store two Locos on tracks one and four inside the fiddle yard.

O Gauge Stabling Point- Wired

I have been very busy on the new layout – it is the work that makes the layout reliable, but not a lot of visual activity. I have cut the track and made 19 isolating sections, the through wiring to both boards is complete and the power feeds are all done and just need adding to the controller.

Both baseboard sections have had the on/off isolating boxes made and the board one box has been added to the backscene board. This saves a lot of through wiring between the two baseboards and makes an easier conversion to DCC if I win the lottery and can fund some more sound fitting.

Track Laid on Stabling Point

All track has been laid on the new O Gauge Stabling Point. The layout will stable up to 15 Mainline Loco’s and 3 Shunters. It will be DC as I cannot afford doing all my Locos DCC, let alone sound. Besides I already have a small Fuelling Point that is DCC and holds 6 Locos. The overall size of the new layout is 12′ x 18″. The main running period will be 1960 – 1970.

Track Laying on the sector plate

Today I sorted the track going into the sector plate. I always spend a lot of time on this ensuring everything lines up and the rail height is level on each section.

You can see how adding the extra strip of soft wood on the front of the layout ensures that four tracks fit comfortably. The four sidings in the stabling point will end in different lengths to allow a car park, huts etc.