Job lot of O Gauge Locos

I have recently purchased six BR Southern Region Locomotives. They are all in poor mechanical condition, but body wise they are in reasonable condition. They had been stored for quite a while and all wheels will need cleaning before determining runnability Some will be completely refurbished, but others will be repainted and weathered only and used as a backscene on my Steam Loco Shed.

I do not see this as a quick fix project, but more a slow burner over the next year or so.

Here is a photo of each:-

30728 T9 4-4-0 BR Black

32151 Maunsell E1 4-4-0 BR Black (Wrongly numbered by previous owner)

31496 Wainright ‘D’ 4-4-0 BR Black

30922 Marlborough Schools Class 4-4-0 BR Green

30855 Robert-Blake Lord Nelson Class 4-6-0 BR Green

32424 Beachy Head 4-4-2 Marsh Atlantic BR Light Green !!!!! (Southern Green)

31 128 Charybdis in O Gauge

I was looking for something a bit different to run in my 2020 -22 Era and after a little research I decided to go for 31128 as running now. This is the only Class 31 with a mainline certificate running at present.

I purchased a 31/4 and then worked it back to a 31/1. This involved removing the ETH fitments and filling the spaces left before smoothing and painting.

The next job was to make it into 31128. After looking up photos of both sides I started to convert the Loco, moving the BR Logos, adding the makers plate/nameplates and varnishing.

The Nameplates are SHAWPLAN – The makers plates are RAILTEC – The transfers are HMRS and FOX

Sadly the 31/4 does not come with snowploughs as carried by 31128 at present – but I will try and source some. It will also receive a light weathering.

4000 Yards at NRS Exhibition

Yesterday 4000 Yards attended the Norfolk Railway Society Exhibition at Poringland near Norwich. This was an excellent Show and very well attended.

We were showing some new rolling stock that Graham recently purchased as well as some old favourites. As usual the overall effect was excellent and it went down very well with the visitors.

Here are a few photos taken during the day by my wife Audrey and Jaeson one of the operators.

Three New WW1 Wagons

When Graham purchased his new SM32 Layout, he also purchased some rolling stock. Here are three wagons that he will be taking to the NRS Exhibition at Poringland tomorrow to run on our original WW1 layout 4000 yards.

I have started the process of weathering by giving them two coats of matt varnish in preparation for the paint and powders to be added. Sadly time ran out and they will go in the below condition, with weathering taking place later.

Macintosh 0-6-0T in O Gauge

This is a loco I purchased before I had Covid and I had already repainted it from LMS to BR(SC) and numbered it accordingly.

It was in quite a state, but under all the grime and peeling paint lurked a well made model. It was fitted with DCC sound but this has now been removed and sold.

It is now varnished and will be weathered when I get time.

Its good to be modelling again after the Covid episode and I will push myself a bit further as time goes on.

Gare de Brindille

This Sm32 16mm WW1 Layout is the latest addition to our Exhibition Layout portfolio. It has been purchased by group member Graham from Chris Hopper. Graham has also purchased some stock from Chris, including a locomotive. The layout is DCC Sound equipped as is the Locomotive.

I will add the layout to our Exhibition Layouts page soon and it will be available for Exhibitions straight away.

The below photos are by Chris Hopper and Andrew Burnham.

Latest Exhibition

This is my first post for nearly two months. Sadly I have had Covid, which turned into the longer version. I am now starting to feel a bit better although I still have a few problems – not least extreme tiredness.

The group has done a couple of Exhibitions over the last two months and I have got a few pictures together that were taken by Jaeson and Shaun.

A really big thank you to Graham, Shaun, Jaeson and John.

Winkles Yard by Shaun at Bawdeswell Exhibition (OO)

Ashwell Moor Fuel and Stabling Point by John Barnes at Bawdeswell Exhibition (O)

Whitwell & Reepham Gala Demo

Over the weekend of the Gala Graham and Shaun did both days and were joined by John and Charlie with their Layout Grubb Lane on Sunday. Shaun had his large collection of O Gauge models on view, this included some scratch and kit built items. Graham was showing items that he had 3D printed, both in O Gauge and in SM32. Again the photos were taken by my wife.