Class 26 in O Gauge weathered

This loco is not one of the current batch, but one of three I purchased in the first batch several years ago. Of the three this is the only one that currently works as the other two have the traditional Heljan gear slip problems – I will seek help and get them replaced before I weather them. I have sprayed the full yellow warning panel on the loco to have something a bit different. This loco has received a medium weathering.

Class 30 (31) Weathered

This is a Class 31 that I purchased when the first batch came out several years ago. Only now have I got around to weathering it. I have not changed the exhaust ports to the original engine variety as I may well still do it as a English Electric at a later date. This is a light to medium weathering as it represents a loco not long in service, but still living with steam engines.

Three OO Bachmann Ale wagons

This is a re-weathering job as they came factory weathered. I have to say that Bachmann did a very good job – but they looked very ‘flat’ and a bit ‘light’. I did my usual wash and wipe with Matt Black and then re-sprayed the underframe using four colours rather than the original one colour spray.

Getting the Matt Black in the boarding gaps really brings their appearance to life.