Three OO Bachmann Ale wagons

This is a re-weathering job as they came factory weathered. I have to say that Bachmann did a very good job – but they looked very ‘flat’ and a bit ‘light’. I did my usual wash and wipe with Matt Black and then re-sprayed the underframe using four colours rather than the original one colour spray.

Getting the Matt Black in the boarding gaps really brings their appearance to life.

O Gauge Class 15

This was a purchase from a big online auction site by one of my friends. It was said to be Very Good and Boxed – in truth it was less than that – in fact a lot less. There was missing bits – there was broken bits – and after a couple of initial good running session – the motor stopped and would not work.

When I took the body off to check the wiring – five bits dropped out of the chassis – this included two bits that were originally missing. How did a sand box get inside the body!

After I attached two wires that had come adrift – it ran again. I would say it took at least four hours to get most things re-attached, or duplicates made. Sadly, even now there are still a couple of things missing.

I then had to strip off the original transfers as none were level and then I removed the makers plates that had been added in the wrong position with overzealous amounts of super glue.

I resprayed the mended areas, added new transfers and varnished the rehashed areas. I then gave the loco a medium to heavy weathering.

And the moral of the story – buyer beware.

S Scale New Zealand Timber Wagons.

These wagons were made by Ian Hammond, I have only weathered them as they were running just before withdrawal in the 1990’s. These wagons were very run down by then and many had lost their numbers, extra ones being painted or chalked crudely on the sides. I have used chinagraph pencil to add the numbers, so could be changed if required. This batch of five wagons differ in many ways, many converted from existing wagons.