O Gauge STOVE ‘R’

While browsing Ebay I saw a rather old Westdale kit on a Buy it Now. It said it was ‘complete’ but I had my doubts. I duly purchased the kit for the BIN price and waited for its arrival.

On arrival it was clearly not complete, only having one end was not good, but at least I could use it as a template to make another. Although the kit was basic I have to say it went together very well and after adding a few extra bits I fashioned myself, I was very pleased with the results considering there was no instructions.

I painted the model in early BR Crimson livery and then did a medium weathering job. I may well change this to heavy later, so that I can run it with a couple of milk tankers to form an early sixties ‘milk train’.










BR Southern Mk1 2nd Brake ( O Gauge)

While I was browsing through the second-hand suppliers I came across this coach for sale at a very reasonable £100. I knew it was not finished, but it had potential.

It was kit built from a ‘Easy-Build’ kit and considering the basic kit is £135, I took the plunge and purchased it. I also wanted to assess the kit and whether there could be options for buying further kits.

The Coach duly arrived and I was very impressed with the kit and the way it had been built. I then started to finish it off and here are the results.

The only downside was that the person that made the coach decided not to flush-glaze. I looked at removing it, but it was to firmly glued in. I will probably ‘blacken’ the window step to enhance the appearance a bit.

Would I buy another new kit, yes I would, and probably will





O Gauge BR(W) Push-Pull Set

Now, I am not a Western Region Steam person. I do have a couple of O gauge Western region Diesels, but that’s about it. However when these arrived for a light weathering, I just thought, wow, they are lovely, really lovely. These are Lionheart Models and apparently purchased from Tower Models at discounted prices. Sadly now all gone, however they are due to reappear under Dapol ownership next year.










WCR Mk2 Coaches

The middle of last year my wife and her friends went on a NENTA tour to Crich Tram museum. When I dropped her off at the station, I noticed that most of the stock was Air Conditioned Mk2’s.

I then decided I would like to build up a small rake, I thought five coaches topped and tailed would be nice. I purchased three, that’s all I could find at the local swap-meet and proceeded to strip them and paint them. This had to be another cheap project, this time I had to pay an average of £6 per coach for Mainline/Dapol  unboxed ones. Not as cheap as the DRS donor coaches!!!

Transfers this time were Railtec, and very good they are. Three down, two more to do.

Bachmann Collectors Club have just done a 37/7 – come on Bachmann how about a 47, or two!!!!!!!





DRS Mk2 Coaches

This is a far more up to date rake of coaches. I went to Norwich to see the Class 37’s top & tail the Gt Yarmouth and Lowestoft trains, and although the stars are the 37’s, I thought it would be great to do the three coach rake.

I did not want to spend a lot on this project so I had a rummage at a local swap-meet and found three rather tatty Airfix/Mainline Mk2D coaches, 1 x BSO and 2 x TSO. I know these are technically not quite right, but they were £3 each – unboxed!

I already had a supply of DRS paint, so work started straight away. I sent for the appropriate transfers from R3sprays and they were soon finished.  Please note, I need to give them a slight weathering later. They look brilliant between two Bachmann 37/4’s.