MTH O Gauge Coach weathering


I purchased these coaches over five years ago and for some reason they went onto the back burner! As I am now putting coach rakes into stock boxes, I thought the time was right to number and weather the stock as I put them in their new homes.

The Stanier based coaches were competitively priced and as such were ripe for weathering. Before I start, these coaches have lots of good points, sturdy build, well painted and fine scale wheels. On the downside was non flush glazing, bright wheels and no end buffer beam pipe work. They also have internal lighting, which I will not used. I would have rather MTH concentrated on better detailing that the lighting gimmick!

Weathering followed the usual method, so after shadowing all crevices etc. I used the airbrush for the main colours and then finished off by dry brushing springs etc.

Conclusion, after weathering I think they are a great addition to my stock, I think a Jinty hauled train on my new station layout will certainly look the part.

Full Brake




Brake second (ex 1st)




Corridor 2nd (ex 1st)






Visit by Shaun Today for Weathering.


As well as discussing several projects for Morlock Heath, we also had a little weathering session. These were all for Shaun’s layout, Princes Street Goods. Making a change from his usual Diesels, these included two steam engines, as well as a Buffet Coach.

Shaun’s layout is designed to run several era’s, so a return to steam in the early sixties is not a problem. The coach was for his later era, early seventies.

The Terrier is Light-Medium weathering

The Jinty is Medium – Heavy

The Coach is Light.









Shaun will take some more photo’s on the stocks home layout and then post them on his website.




Shaun’s Rake of Mk1 Coaches

Over the last few months Shaun has started to get a small rake of O Gauge Heljan Mk1 Coaches together, We have been trying to lightly weather them as they arrive. The main thing is to get shadow and depth into the door crevices using dilute matt black paint. It soon became clear that Heljans attempts in this area were not quite as expected! Determined to add some depth to the doors we had to compromise, below are the results.

The Heljan attempts at  Mk1 Coaches are well documented and the new Darstead models have issues – please Dapol get it right.






This photo shows a before and after.

Shaun has enlarged his Blog/Website recently and has done a great article with photo’s of how he built the coal yard part of his new layout. Have a look it’s worth it.





MTH Stanier Full Brake in O Gauge.

I purchased this item about four years ago, it cost about £100, other than look at it and check it was OK, it has remained in its box.

I have recently made a SPV (Parkside Kit)  and thought that these two items running together as a small branch line parcels train would look good. The Coach was then taken out of ‘stock’ and weathered in line with the van. This was my first attempt at weathering a MTH product and I have to say I am rather pleased with the results. I must admit I don’t know whether they are still made, but you do see some for sale occasionally.

Will probably add a few ‘chalk marks’ later.






O Gauge STOVE ‘R’

While browsing Ebay I saw a rather old Westdale kit on a Buy it Now. It said it was ‘complete’ but I had my doubts. I duly purchased the kit for the BIN price and waited for its arrival.

On arrival it was clearly not complete, only having one end was not good, but at least I could use it as a template to make another. Although the kit was basic I have to say it went together very well and after adding a few extra bits I fashioned myself, I was very pleased with the results considering there was no instructions.

I painted the model in early BR Crimson livery and then did a medium weathering job. I may well change this to heavy later, so that I can run it with a couple of milk tankers to form an early sixties ‘milk train’.










BR Southern Mk1 2nd Brake ( O Gauge)

While I was browsing through the second-hand suppliers I came across this coach for sale at a very reasonable £100. I knew it was not finished, but it had potential.

It was kit built from a ‘Easy-Build’ kit and considering the basic kit is £135, I took the plunge and purchased it. I also wanted to assess the kit and whether there could be options for buying further kits.

The Coach duly arrived and I was very impressed with the kit and the way it had been built. I then started to finish it off and here are the results.

The only downside was that the person that made the coach decided not to flush-glaze. I looked at removing it, but it was to firmly glued in. I will probably ‘blacken’ the window step to enhance the appearance a bit.

Would I buy another new kit, yes I would, and probably will