MTH O Gauge Coach weathering


I purchased these coaches over five years ago and for some reason they went onto the back burner! As I am now putting coach rakes into stock boxes, I thought the time was right to number and weather the stock as I put them in their new homes.

The Stanier based coaches were competitively priced and as such were ripe for weathering. Before I start, these coaches have lots of good points, sturdy build, well painted and fine scale wheels. On the downside was non flush glazing, bright wheels and no end buffer beam pipe work. They also have internal lighting, which I will not used. I would have rather MTH concentrated on better detailing that the lighting gimmick!

Weathering followed the usual method, so after shadowing all crevices etc. I used the airbrush for the main colours and then finished off by dry brushing springs etc.

Conclusion, after weathering I think they are a great addition to my stock, I think a Jinty hauled train on my new station layout will certainly look the part.

Full Brake




Brake second (ex 1st)




Corridor 2nd (ex 1st)