Exhibition Layouts

Here you can find all of our exhibition layouts available for display in East Anglia – further afield by negotiation.

These Layouts are owned by:- Graham Minshull – Shaun Harvey – John Barnes – Kelvin Barnes – Peter Rye – Alan Ball – Alan Fuller – Peter Willis. 

Collectively we are known as ‘NORFOLK  MODEL RAILWAY SYNDICATE’

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As a small group we are able to do about 15 local Exhibitions per year – We will hope to add three or four more layouts during 2023. These are being finished/refurbished during the next few months. Please click on the name of the layout to see photographs and more information on each. We can also do Railway Displays and Demonstrations.

Morlock Heath O1970’s10′ x 18″DCA Small Engineers YardGraham
4000 Yards – Area 5SM32WW111′ x 20″DCC SoundA depiction of a supply railhead depot in WW1 in South BelgiumGraham
Norton Wood OO1986 – 198811′ x 20″DCA 3rd Rail Layout on the Southern Region in early NSEGraham
Merlin’s LaneO1965 – 19697′ x 28″DCC SoundA small Fuelling Point based in East Anglia in 1965-69Kelvin
Ashwell Moor)O1987 – 199410′ x 20″DCA Small Fuelling Point based on Nowhere in ParticularJohn
Grub LaneO1952 – 19625′ x 2′DCA very Flexible little Engine Shed Layout running industrial or Early BRJohn
Copsey OO2000 – 200511′ x 20″DCVery Modern Station Layout – using mainly DMU’sKelvin
Dark LaneO1965 – 19706′ x 20″DCC SoundA small London Transport steam depot layoutKelvin
Mission RoadO1951 – 19688′ x 2′DCA Steam Engine Shed – Various Regions in 1950-60’sKelvin
Osier Fen.OO1960 – 202021′ x 18″DCSecondary double main line running through countrysideKelvin
Little SeftonO1955 – 19656’6″ x 20″DCSmall Village Goods YardKelvin
Shelby YardHO1995 – 19976’6″ x 18″DCAn American layout featuring BNSF stock, set in ArizonaKelvin
Gare de BrindilleSM321916 – 191810′ x 2′DCC SoundOriginally built by Chris Hopper. Set behind the lines in WW1Graham
Winkles YardOO1974-789′ x 2′ DCGoods Yard. An exercise in background perspective and weathering.Shaun
Botterill Street Yard.OVarious10′ x 1′DCCCan be a wagon repair depot or stabling point. Originally made by Nigel AdamsPeter
Hornby DubloOO1940 – 1950’s8′ x 4′DCThis is a Dublo Layout which represents Meccano products of the 1940’s and 50’s.Peter W

The below layouts are not currently available for show but are hoped to be back in circulation over the next year to 18 months.

Ebridge Mill OO 1955 – 196510′ x 2′DCC Sound Rural Goods YardGroup
Princes StreetO1955 – 197020′ x 2′DCCan run two separate era’s – one Steam/Diesel – the other Blue/Green DieselShaun

Please ensure if booking a Layout that we need a rear operating space of 6′ (including Layout width) and 2′ between layouts for access.