Norton Wood

This is one of my newer layouts. Over the last few years I had purchased several third rail units, mainly in Network South East livery. It was always my intention to make a third rail layout, but I was in no rush. During the winter of 2015/6 I was at a loose end due to repeated bad weather, so an old retrieved (used before)  baseboard was found from the depths of my shed. A plan was drawn up and track laying commenced. As I have said before, Electrics are my weak point, I consider reliabity is more important than complexity, and to this end I used code 100 3 way points and track in the fiddle yard, this is linked to code 75 track on the actual layout using converter joiners. The fiddle yard is a bit different to the norm being transported seperately and then bolted to the layout in a prepared trough. The fiddle yard has ints own one legged stand with an adjustable foot. As well as being a terminus station with two platforms the ex goods yard is now a small engineers yard.  Having made a third rail layout as a commission many years ago, and had drawings from a southern region engineer, a friend of the chap that commissioned me.  This gave me  a good idea where the third rail was supposed to go. I think I got this one right, but I stand to be corrected .

More photographs to follow, when stock and layout fully weathered