Merlin’s Lane

Merlin’s Lane is my first layout with O Gauge DCC Sound, although original thoughts were DCC only, I decided to go this way as I thought other gauges  diesel sounds  were not as I wanted. I thought the Heljan prepared sound box on their diesel locomotives was the way to go. Having decided this I purchased four more loco’s over the period of 18 months, I already had two. The next decision was what to run them with! I had already heard that Heljan intended to bring out an Engine Shed Kit, so thought there would be an outbreak of Layouts with the Shed as the centre piece. Although the Bachmann Fueling Point has been out for some time, the layouts I have seen with these on were usually part of a bigger layout. I decided I would make the Fuelling Point the centre piece of the layout and designed a layout based on a fuel and stabling point only..

Loco’s still to be weathered and layout to have further weathering.

Merlin's Lane