Coopers Common -Finished (19/10)

I am now calling the N Gauge Layout – finished. Well when I say finished, I mean as far as the money has gone, second hand bits all used and I need to move on after 5 weeks making it! I averaged just over 6 hours per day and with the longest at 11 plus hours I need a break from N Gauge. All the below photos are new and taken from slightly different angles.

The only thing I would do at a future date is further road marking, but this is not a priority. If the money had not run out, I would have considered further cameo scenes, but to be honest I think it would have ‘over egged’ the overall effect of an open countryside scene. Knowing when to say ‘no’ that’s it, is part of getting it just right.

Coopers Common is due to appear for its first Exhibition at the Stowmarket MRC at Elmswell next July. I hope to take one more lot of photos with stock running in the era 2000 – 2010 when the layout has moved to my Sons home, I just hope John and his children Charlie and Sofia appreciate my work.

The next layout will be in O Gauge – my first love – watch this space.