Some More Stock Boxes in O Gauge

After quite a break without making any stock boxes, I decided the time had come to put my coaching stock in some semblance of order. I had coaches in the original manufacturers boxes, cheap cardboard replacements and some kit built ones with no boxes at all.

I stuck to my original specification for these new coach boxes and used the same materials and methods that I used for my Loco boxes. The complete spec. appears earlier on this site under Stock Boxes.

I decided what coaches would be in what box and then worked out the required size(s). While I wanted a comfortable fit, I did not want any wasted spaces. I also thought of Exhibiting and tried to make life as easy as possible, keeping the weight down and keeping the rakes and era’s together was the priority.

I did a quick cost and it works out at about 30 pounds per 5 coach-box.