Class 31 Light Modification

After studying the fronts of my new Heljan Class 31’s, I felt that something just did not look right. I looked on a couple of Modern Image Facebook sites to see if anybody else felt as I did, and yes a couple of others had remarked that the Roof mounted marker lights looked a bit vague, nothing wrong with the position and Heljan had done nothing wrong in manufacture, they just needed defining better.

After looking through my Photos from the late 80’s, I hatched a plan of improvement. I picked a punch that was in scale with what I wanted and punched out some very light grey transfers that I had in my left over box. I then attached them to roof mounted marker lights, fixing them with matt varnish. After adding the transfers I gave them a quick run and as the transfers are so thin, I was still quite happy with the working lights in daylight – I will try in darkness later.

Below is a photo of a weathered 31 and lastly a 31 with my modification.