Two O Gauge wagons awaiting weathering.

Here we have two wagons made by Graham and painted by myself. They are both to be weathered and will be reposted when finished.


This is a Skytrex kit that has just been released – Transfers by Railtec.





This is a kit built wagon – it is in Army livery and was used at and between Army stores country wide – usually travelling in Speedlink trains or dedicated Army moves.




O Gauge Wagons for Grub Lane

Grub Lane is the resurrected NCATC Layout – being redone as a London Transport Layout in the late 60’s. I have re-worked the ex BR wagons as LT varieties and am showing them before quite heavy weathering so that the before and after can be judged. I have two more kit wagons to build making a total of six wagons to shunt on the Loco Steam Depot.IMG_7811






Class 40 – D204 Modified and weathered

This Class 40 has been modified back to its 1958 condition as much as possible. The Bonnet hand rails have been removed and the nose side handrails have been removed, although this Loco later had them added. The air pipes on the buffer beam were also removed. I have to say that filling the small holes left by the handrails were a real pain. – in the end I made them bigger to achieve a smooth finish.

I carried out my modification to the pony wheels on the bogies to stop unnecessary derailment. If any one is interested in what I do – please contact me and I will post the details.

The Indicator discs have not been fixed to the nose so that various types of trains can be run – they will be attached with a very small piece of ‘Bluetack’.