Latest Exhibition

This is my first post for nearly two months. Sadly I have had Covid, which turned into the longer version. I am now starting to feel a bit better although I still have a few problems – not least extreme tiredness.

The group has done a couple of Exhibitions over the last two months and I have got a few pictures together that were taken by Jaeson and Shaun.

A really big thank you to Graham, Shaun, Jaeson and John.

Winkles Yard by Shaun at Bawdeswell Exhibition (OO)

Ashwell Moor Fuel and Stabling Point by John Barnes at Bawdeswell Exhibition (O)

Whitwell & Reepham Gala Demo

Over the weekend of the Gala Graham and Shaun did both days and were joined by John and Charlie with their Layout Grubb Lane on Sunday. Shaun had his large collection of O Gauge models on view, this included some scratch and kit built items. Graham was showing items that he had 3D printed, both in O Gauge and in SM32. Again the photos were taken by my wife.

GOG Get together BSE

Yesterday our group attended the GOG get together at Bury St Edmunds. It was our first outing together as a complete group since March 2020.

It was a great Day with our layouts ‘Little Sefton’ and ‘Grub Lane’. Lots of interaction and great conversations and we had several potential invites to more Exhibitions in 2022, covid permitting. They were Stowmarket, Bury St Eds, Norwich, GOG x 2 and finally one in Wexford Ireland!

I can also confirm that we will be appearing at the Great Electric Train Show 2021 at Milton Keynes with our 16mm Layout 4000 Yards – Area 5. Graham and Shaun will be there both days and Jaeson with be there on Saturday only, please, if you are going along, say hello.

My Son John and my Grandson Charlie operate ‘Grubb Lane’

Work on N Gauge Layout (3/8)

Things progress at a good rate on the layout. All the cork and polystyrene is now laid and board one has had the Polyfilla added to the edges of the cork.

The river and two ponds have been formed, the road is laid including a little junction on board two. Board two still needs some Polyfilla added to the edges and the basics for the level crossing need adding.

I have tried to keep all materials as light as possible and the use of heavier materials is kept to a minimum. Based on this I decided to seek an alternative to putting plaster bandage on the polystyrene and tested a few alternatives, in the end I tried EVO-STICK General Purpose PVA, this product is used for sealing, priming and bonding, I brushed it on and left it overnight, I checked it this morning and it worked well with one coat, although I may do two coats to be sure.

The next job will be to smooth the Polyfilla down and give the whole lot a coat of various coloured emulsions.

Work on N Gauge Layout (29/7)

It has been a very busy two days. I have been adding the polystyrene to the MDF formers that appeared in the previous post. I have started to add a path that runs the whole length of the layout and I have also made a start forming the river banks in 1/4″ Cork. I have used polyfilla to fill any spaces in the polystyrene and to ensure a nice gentle slope down to the track.

Turning the N Gauge Layout

Today John came down and we had a massive running session to ensure all was to his satisfaction. So that we could now start on the scenic section, we split the layout and turned it to make more room.

After turning we tested all tracks to ensure the move had not upset anything – all was fine – let scenic detailing commence.

Test Loco

Work on N Gauge Layout (18/7)

This post brings everything up to date on the layout. Much progress has been made over the last four days, the Fiddle Yard ends have been added, the four isolating sections have now been wired in, the scenic area track has now been corked and partially pinned, the points on the scenic section are now fully wired.

This afternoon I had a two hour running session testing all track with all options, again thankfully all worked extremely well. My Son John is bringing a few more Loco’s and stock down on Thursday of this week so that we can check the capacity of each Fiddle Yard loop and the sidings.

We will need to cut and wire the sections for the baseboard break and then turn the whole layout around so that the scenic section can be designed. I am very much looking forward to doing the scenic work.

Work on N Gauge Layout (14/7)

Another very busy day and the fiddle yard is now finished apart from the four isolating sections on the sidings. All track in the fiddle yard is now pinned and cut for board separation. The two controllers are fully wired apart from the new loop on the scenic section.

We ran lots of trains this afternoon to prove all the points and sections worked OK, and happy to say it runs very well.

I will say it a again, its a shame that KATO do not make curved points!

Work on N Gauge Layout (12/7)

Another day of work on the layout and all the cork in the fiddle yard is down, all holes for points and feeds drilled and all cords put through.

The next task is to connect the cords to the controller and point switches. What to do with all the extra cord under the layout will be a problem. Sadly KATO only do cords in one size and it is inevitable that there is a lot of surplus. To cut and rejoin or just coil and store under the layout has to be decided. After that all the pin holes in the track will be drilled out and track alignment checked one more time, all track pins will then be added.

After a lot of thought is was decided that a loop will be added to the inner track on the scenic area. The track arrived today and it will be worked on shortly.