Making the Platform on DMU Layout

Making the most of the good weather and because my skip won’t be arriving until next Tuesday, I decided that I would make the platform on the new layout. Below are a few photos of the completed work.

I also started to plan the background and test fit the two low relief factories that I had in stock. I must admit although they look fine and fit in with my plans – they don’t half weigh a lot! After using lightweight laser cut baseboards this may need more thought!




End of an Era

After much soul-searching I decided to dismantle my Garage Layout. It never left home and was never intended as an exhibition layout. With so many plans for new layouts and time becoming shorter, I really needed a bigger work area.

It took me three days to dismantle it and move the pieces outside to await a  skip. It took me nearly four years to make starting in 2002 and was used to test ideas for my Exhibition layouts and to test loco’s.

A lot of bits and pieces have been recovered and will find their way on to other layouts in time.

So farewell old friend and thank you.

IMG_7044 (1)



Ratio of Track to Layout overall Size available

I have been thinking again, and as my wife says – that is very dangerous!

I think its fair to say I have always tried to get as much track into the space available, whatever gauge I was modelling. What makes a layout move from a multi operational layout to a cluttered sea of track!  I have never come up with a percentage, but I am now sure, in my old age, that anything over about 75% is definitely cluttered.

I have usually tested a new track design by temporarily pinning it down. The number of times I have added, just one more siding, or just another crossover, etc. etc. In these days of trying to do something a bit different and escalating costs just expanding the scenic area and reducing track coverage may be an option.

My thoughts have all come together on my new OO DMU layout – hopefully without compromising operational interest and fiddle yard storage. The overall track to size ratio is under 50% giving plenty of space for adding interesting scenic areas.IMG_6923

It would have been easy to add at least one or two more sidings and a crossover, but I have resisted and am looking forward to a small engineers yard and possibly a small Industrial area. I have now added the platform edging and am just waiting the plastikard to complete the job. This should then give a sense of space for scenics.  The wiring is reduced to a very routine job and hopefully quickly achieved.

I may well call this Layout – Horshall Common, as per ‘War of the Worlds’ as it’s an inner  fight for less cluttered Layout!

Track laying on the DMU Layout

Well, I have always felt that a modern DMU run layout can be simple to build, wire and scenic, and it does not get much simpler than this! I think the below photos show just that. The two three-way points are Insulfrog,  the track in the fiddle yard is recycled code 100 and the track on the scenic section is new code 75. The points are manual as they are both in the fiddle yard, so the only wiring is the isolating sections and the feeds. The fiddle yard will hold up to six 2 car DMU size units or equivalent trains. The entrance to the scenic area will be under an over road bridge making the three-way point almost invisible. There is just one platform with two faces and a stabling/engineers siding.







More work on latest project

Because of a rotten Summer cold and being unable to spray with the airbrush, I have spent most of the time outside progressing the new project baseboards. I have now completed the corking, lengthened the fiddle yard by 9″ and made the back boards.







While I was doing this to the latest layout I also added the back boards to two previous baseboards that I had made. I reported on these earlier on this site, when I joined a laser cut baseboard to a laser cut fiddle yard – sector plate. They are both the same except that they have different sized sector plates.





That’s three new boards waiting for further progress – I also have two layouts about half completed, both O Gauge. I will do a separate post on the five layouts and what I would like to achieve.


And the next project is………….

After much thought and the need to do something a bit different, not another Diesel Depot, as I have said before! I have decided to make a OO Small Terminus Station that has been rationalised to a basic formation, run by mainly DMU’s

There will be three tracks, two with platform facings on a single platform and a storage siding – nothing else. The layout will be 11ft long overall with an approximate 6ft scenic section and a 5ft fiddle yard, the width is 15 inches.  At the moment I don’t think I even need a run-around

I  worked out what trains I wanted to run, and then matched the size of layout needed:-

1 Car DMU —- 2 Car DMU — 3 Car DMU

RHTT (Two Loco’s and two Wagons)

Test Train (Two Loco’s and two Coaches)

2 Car Tram (Weed Killer)

Small topped and tailed Engineers Trains.

DMU Substitute (Two Loco’s and two Coaches)

I want to run various era Modern Trains from approx. 1985 – to date. A few long-lived first generation DMU’s may appear, but generally they will be after the BR ‘sell off’ and therefore company trains. I will have at least three DMU’s for Company/Era filled out with other trains listed above.

I still have a few dilemmas about what track to use, but it will be DC as I could not afford the cost of putting sound in over thirty items, and see no advantage in DCC without sound as I only need three isolating sections on the scenic section.

Below are photo’s of the layout, fiddle yard and fiddle yard adjustable stand.

IMG_6646 (2)











Photo’s taken at various times during construction.