Great Eastern Models Open Day 4/5/18

On 4th May Shaun and Graham took Morlock Heath along to the Open Day held at Great Eastern Models in Norwich. By all accounts this was a very successful event and enjoyed very much by all in attendance.

Shaun and Graham ran their stock on this occasion and they received lots of good comments. Both said they had many conversations with visitors during the day and they were busy right up until closing time.

We were very pleased to help GE Models in this venture and would recommend watching for more open days to be announced.

Below are a few photo’s taken by Shaun during the day.











Rickinghall Exhibition – Diss MRC 2018

Today we attended the above Exhibition with Merlin’s Lane our O Gauge DCC Sound Diesel Fuelling Point Layout. This was a superb day and very crowded right up until half an hour before it closed. The only downside of the day was that the Diss Club are withdrawing from the partnership with the Rickinghall Village Hall Committee. Lets just hope that something rises from the ashes as this will be a big ‘miss’ in our calendar.

Sadly Shaun was unwell today and had to withdraw from helping us, his camera work was sorely missed, although my wife was a great substitute with her little point and shoot camera.

Lots of good comments about the layout, the weathering and the sounds. Sadly only half the Loco’s are weathered at present – I must get the other three done before Merlin’s next Show. Thanks also to Graham for doing the brunt of the operating and Question answering.











Stowmarket Exhibition 2018

This was Sefton Yard’s first outing for a while, it has been stored for over a year. It was also our first Exhibition that all four of our ‘group’ members attended. Stowmarket is always an excellent Exhibition and this year was no exception, with a great selection of quality layouts. As planned I spent most of the day on the DEMU stand doing a demo, this left the other three on ‘shift’ on Sefton. We had some great comments, mainly that there are so many shunting options in such a small space in O Gauge.

Please see the below photo’s all taken by Shaun.

















Cambridge Exhibition 2018


We attended Cambridge Exhibition with Norton Wood, its first outing on the Exhibition circuit. I made Norton Wood about two years ago, but never quite got around to taking it out. Because of this I decided to sell the layout to Graham who already had suitable 3rd rail Southern Region stock to run on the layout.

After some last-minute adjustments, both at home and before the show, everything was ready. I have to say that it ran superbly all day and we had lots of good comments.

I guess we went just hoping for a trouble-free day, but the day just got better as it went on. Around lunch time Graham had a visit from Alan, the Exhibition Manager and we were presented with the ‘Best in Show’ Trophy. I have to say this was very  unexpected as the quality of the other layouts attending was truly excellent. The Exhibition also had one of my layouts that I sold nearly five years ago, Hobbs Warren in O Gauge. Terry and Bernard have extended it slightly and added new features, thanks chaps for looking after her so well, she is a credit to us all.

I would like to thank Alan and his team for a lovely day, really well organised show and one I  would attend even if I was not Exhibiting, with luck we will be invited back next year with a different layout.  Also thanks to Colin French and Dave Tailby for the usual banter.

Below are some photo’s taken by my wife, it was a bit tricky for her as there was a bit of light bleed through the curtains.IMG_5110










Lessons learned – Extend the fiddle yard by 9 inches to allow full length 4 car Units – We just fell short of automatic Spratt and Winkle couplings due to lack of time, this must be completed by the next Exhibition.


We attended the above Exhibition on Saturday 17th March. This was our first invite to this venue and what a lovely friendly atmosphere it was. Lots of good comments on the Layout and Stock and lots of excellent banter.

Below are photographs of Morlock Heath, again running our early era (1966-72). We have slightly different stock to what we had at Dereham in February, so most photo’s are of different stock.

All Photo’s by Shaun