Copsey debuts at Sudbury Charity Event – Blue Era

Here is our second Era at the Sudbury Charity Event – Stock and some road vehicles changed from the ‘Anglia 2004’ running session.

I hope both sets of photo’s show how a very simple layout with only two ‘Insulfrog’ 3 way points can be used to run varied and interesting stock.

Photo’s by Shaun


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Copsey debuts at Sudbury Charity Event – Anglia 2004

On Sunday we attended the Acton Model Railway Exhibition, near Sudbury Suffolk. It was a charity show we attended for no expenses, have to say what a lovely little Show and so pleased we attended.

As this was the first Exhibition for Copsey, it was a nice gentle introduction. Before we went we had decided to run two era’s over the six hour Show, two by three hour sessions. Note – the Class 47’s are super detailed and re-worked Lima Loco’s with Ultra-scale wheels.

I will post the two sessions separately – so here is ‘Anglia 2004’

Photo’s by Shaun and my Wife.










And the next Project is ———

When we finished exhibiting ‘Norfolk Coke and Tar Co.’ O gauge layout – rather than selling it, my Son John took it over as a home layout.

Well things move on, and after discussions we have decided to put it back on the circuit with a change of name and different stock. The layout was industrial steam, and it will remain steam, but it will become a London Underground Depot.  It will now be called ‘Grub Lane’.

Some minor changes will be needed for clearance purposes, lighting replaced and possibly a  small extension to the fiddle yard. Main motive power will be three Dapol 57XX LU Tanks along with a variety of LU/BR sixties rolling stock. It will move a bit more towards a shunting plank and slightly less of a stabling point.

This is a short cut to an exhibition layout – but a real change of direction – watch this space!

Sefton Yard – Sold

Sefton Yard has been sold to Terry Cooke of Cambridge MRC. Terry intends to turn it into a dedicated Wisbech and Upwell layout, probably with a change of name.   He will also move the layout to DCC sound. I would like to wish Terry the very best with the layout and his planned changes.

While I only Exhibited ‘Sefton’ in East Anglia, Terry will be prepared to go country-wide, so please contact him direct for further information.


Farewell old friend – a new future awaits.