Traverser Options – OO Gauge

As I have some OO track I decided to ‘have a play’ with this gauge as well. Basically the same rules apply as when I played with O Gauge. Each track on the traverser must receive and dispatch trains.

You can get seven track on the traverser deck.

I found by using one OO right hand point – I was able to achieve the in and out rule easier – This just was not practical in O Gauge !

How much will it hold? Obviously five tracks are the full 1200mm long with two slightly shorter due to the point.

The largest possible loco plus three Mk1 or Mk2 coach. Medium/small size loco plus four suburban coaches are just possible. Up to 10 small wheel wagons plus brake van.

You would probably not need to add anything extra to the scenic boards in OO and the track is easily slued to the middle of the scenic boards.

I will post a third post in the next few days with not just my conclusions but with the  thoughts of the other members of our group.


Mission Road Update (22.04.20)

The last two days have been spent hand painting the recently laid ballast, sand and scatter. I will further weather with an airbrush to blend everything together at a later date. For the initial painting I prefer using Acrylic as the undercoat and after drying a coat of Enamel. The main colours I use are Railmatch  ‘Sleeper Grime’,  ‘Weathered Black’,  ‘Matt Black’, ‘Matt White’ and ‘Matt Red’ . I can make and blend all the colours I need with these few colours.

All Buildings are now glued down, except the main engine shed which will remain loose to enable track cleaning.

4 Ministry Tanks and 2 opens.

Here we have six wagons in a batch for my friend Mike, all are weathered to a Medium standard. Being Dapol products, all tampo print was sealed with varnish before weathering – this avoids the thinners in the ‘wash’ attacking the print !

Type B Ministry (Heavy Fuel)

Type A Ministry (Light Fuel)

Open Wagons

A quick tip here –  after washing and weathering the planking is still not picked out very well – just use a pencil and follow the groves – that will highlight them a bit more !

Playing with the big boys !!

Over the weekend I decided to name and number some of my larger O Gauge Loco’s. I purchased them all when they first came out, one to five years ago.

They still have to be varnished over the plates and transfers and then weathered, so this is the ‘before’ and the after will be posted later.

D9006 The Fife & Forfar Yeomanry -CLASS 55 – Livery 1964-67

D9019 The Royal Highland Fusilier -Class 55 – Livery 1967-68

D118 -Class 45 -Livery 1967-68

D217 Carinthia – Class 40 -Livery 1964-67



Little Loco Class 15 with Sound.

I purchased this loco off Ebay for my Merlins Lane Layout. It was not until I placed it on the layout next to a Heljan Green 31 and a Dapol Green 08 that I realised just how light the green is on the Little Loco offering! To my eye the Heljan BR Green looks about right, the Dapol 08, very slightly darker, but very acceptable.

To ensure the Class 15 blended in with other Green Loco’s the decision was made to weather it quite heavily – below are the results.

Further Work on Dark Lane Layout

Quite a bit of work carried out on the new layout – details as below:-

All laser cut walls and structures made up – not attached and still to be painted.

The Layout is now DCC complete – awaiting controller.


I have added an extra piece to shelf to ensure room for Controller and Stock.

The sector plate had its final test to all tracks and an extra piece of wood added to ensure that the plate itself was stable at all angles and with a Loco at the very end.

Steps added in the Ash Pit


Rake of Eight Mineral Wagons

Here we have a rake of Lionheart mineral wagons with various degrees of weathering. Some are very clean and they go through to filthy! All underframes were airbrushed after the bodies were hand painted with four different shades of rust. The methods include shadowing with dilute matt black and four different shades of rust stippled and hand painted. While the paint was wet on the bodies, I added a little Talc to get a little texture.

I had plenty of photo’s handy as reference while I proceeded.

Note – some wagons are photographed from both sides.