Lowe St.

Lowe St is a OO gauge layout based on Lowestoft Sleeper Works in 1958-60. Like most layouts you need some inspiration and the Model Rail sentinel pushed me into a small layout that I could use this locomotive on. Living in East Anglia and being of an age to remember the Lowestoft Sleeper Works, I decided that was the thing to do. By the way, Lowe St is part of the word Lowestoft, as the layout is part of the Works. I did not rigidly stick to any track plans or buildings that were on site and I have to admit, I cut more than a few corners. It was the essence of the of the real thing that I was looking for. I did quite a bit of research on the methods used, what raw materials were used and how they and the finished product is stored. Shunting is done by Spratt and Winkle 3mm couplings (not 4mm)

The ballast is a mixture of N gauge and sand Рthe sawdust was chinchilla  dust. the sleepers and the wood is ply and obeche coloured with various colours of wood dye.

I have added a backscene since these photographs were taken- so will update later

You will find the updated photographs at the bottom of the album..


DSCF3661 (2)