Broadgate was the brainchild of my son John. After Dunston Green had been sold, without the stock, we had the need for a layout to run the stock. I don’t think we really  wanted to Exhibit it, it was just to play trains at home. After all, it was quite small and a  bit limited. In those days the micro layouts were few and far between, however we soon got invitations, mainly as a space filler, sometimes we took it to exhibitions as well as another layout, just for that reason.  Broadgate had a long run on the circuit and after 6 years we decided to sell it. It eventually went to Les Williams, who had become a collector of my work. I actually sold it to Les even though I had a higher offer as Les was the best home possible for it. Les purchased the layout only,  some of the stock was sold to another friend, Ian Taylor.

One thing I tried on Broadgate was to sculpt  the side scenes in the shape of trees and bushes, see photographs. I never did this again – say no more.

This is a smashing little layout for 10-12 loco’s and a fuel tank or two.

I based the layout on twilight as we had working yard lights. I do think that a bright blue sky background and working Yard/Station lights looks a bit odd. Overhead lighting is fine.

Les still owns the layout.










One thought on “Broadgate

  1. Broadgate.

    Just to let you know I still have the three Brush 2’s. These being the two experimental liveries ones and the Toffee Apple.

    They have been to a few exhibitions with very favourable comment. I still feel the Lima Brush 2 captures the shape of this loco better than the Hornby version, especially will Kelvins magic touch.

    I wish I had bought more loco’s from that layout.


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