O Gauge Carriages

Although I currently have no layout to run coaches on, I felt I would like a small fleet. Because I could not run any  I did not want to spend a lot of money on them and so turned to kit building. Most of the kits are Kirk Kits with an odd JLTRT as well.

Kirk Kits are very reasonably priced but they really come alive if you add extra detail. Yes, they are time-consuming but with care and a little fettling  they are really good. I guess that by the time you have purchased the interior and the wheels, buffers,  bearings and pipework, the whole coach costs about £85. Being a BR(E) transition person all the coaches are Gresley and Thompson.

I also purchased a MTH Stanier full brake for my ‘milk train’. I still need to number it and then do the weathering.

The JLTRT kit is a CCT and was a lovely kit to make, only slight problem was that the wrong size bolts were in the kit (to short) but I will be investing in further kits from this manufacturer.

Some coaches still to be weathered.