TUA Acid Tanks + Barriers


Probably one of the most dangerous trains ever to run on British Railways. To give the train its proper name, it was ‘Hydrocyanic Acid 99.5% – Poison and Flammable’. Nasty stuff, carried very carefully with modified wagons and barrier vehicles, plus a brake van.

This traffic finished many years ago, I guess its on the road now – progress??

This whole train is Hornby based. Firstly the tanks are standard TTA models but with modified bodies and over-riders on the chassis. The barrier wagons are Hornby, but I can not remember which ones I used! It was only the chassis however as the actual superstructure had to be scratch built. The Brake van was a standard model made into an air braked model.

Plenty of photographs were available and this was quite a different project, and not seen very often on early 80’s layouts.

I made these wagons about 20 years ago and again if using up to date standards as base models I am sure better results could be made.

Basic modelling, but better than waiting for RTR that has never turned up or likely to.

The train comprises of 3 tanks, 2 barriers and 1 brake van.




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