Distillers CO2 TTA

This is another project that goes back over 20 years. On a visit to an Exhibition there was a trader selling resin tops for CO2 tanks, I am afraid I just can’t remember who, but the quality was very good. I decided to buy six tops.

I looked at the instructions when I got home and the donor wagon was suggested as the Lima PGA. At the time these were quite cheap, so I purchased six secondhand rather tatty models.

Simple conversion this, I split the wagons and discarded the hopper and glued the new tops on to the chassis, an excellent fit. This is another white barrel with orange stripe wagon that needed masking and hand painting.

The new top was excellent, but the underframe detail is still original hopper and not prototypical at all. I did add some ‘bits’  to the underframe that helped a bit, but it is all very much a compromise.

Easy project for an average model but a nice to have rake.

The lettering is again ‘letraset’.







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