Scrap Train (1)

This is one of three scrap trains that I have made. This one is made up of five wagons, of three different types.

This rake dates from the late 80’s – early 90’s, and was typical of the days before privatisation.

The first types are three ready to run HSA’s by Bachmann. These have been filled with sundry cut-up bits of whitemetal and brass and then weathered. The HSA was a HEA with its hopper doors welded up, specifically for scrap.

The second type was a POA, this type were known as ‘Blackadders’, this is a scratch built body on a Hornby chassis. Again it was filled with ‘scrap’.

The third type of wagon was a bogie ‘Sheerness Steel’ wagon called a PXA. This was another of the excellent Appleby kits, the transfers were from the same source. Although I made this rake in the 90’s, I have obtained another PXA, part kit – no bogies, so the rake  could be added to when I obtain some bogies.








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