During the mid/late 2000’s RMC added some PCA cement tanks to some of their long distance aggregate trains. This usually amounted to between three and five wagons. This was certainly not a long-term operation and I don’t know why it started or why it finished.

As usual after seeing photographs of the prototype I felt the need to make some. The base model was the dear old Hornby TTA!!! But this time it needed surgery to the suspension area. At this time I also wanted to backdate some Lima grain hoppers, so a suspension swap was put into operation. All went relatively well and I ended up with exactly what I required. I need to say that these wagons are not 100% accurate and just a fair representation. Again, better to have something than nothing and this was a very cheap way of getting these wagons. Oh and the grain hoppers turned out fine as well.

Mix and matching or call it cut and shut can work!

Adding the optional three tanks on to a rake of ten Bogie hoppers looks great.