These were one of the many builds by Thrall when EWS took over our privatised freight companies. Whether they were successful or not I don’t know, but I used to see them regularly at Ipswich and Ely, but I have not seen any for more than five years now, are they still used?

Anyway I purchased two kits from Genisis Kits many years ago. They went together quite well, but I did have to re-enforce the ends as they were a bit vunarable.  The transfers were Fox.

I used to run these in rakes with other EWS leased Container flats. I also used to run them on my interpretation of enterprise services to Potters of Ely during the early 2000’s.

Please note, I also slightly weathered the containers. Containers do show a little rust over time, but they never seem to be to bad. Patch painting is quite common to cover repairs, scrapes are also seen.





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