Lima Class 57 Conversions

The starting point for this conversion was the Lima 47, and these notes describe what  was changed to convert to a true 57. Lima did make a so called 57, but this was in fact a 47 painted as a 57!!!!!

Shawplan class 57 roof kit – Shawplan Class 47/57 cut away buffer kit – Shawplan  roof fan and grill kit – Fox transfers – Ultrascale Wheels – Wire Handrails – Amended Fuel tanks –  Add extra pipes on bogies – Fit extra pickups – Strip and rebuild Lima Motor –  SE Flush Glaze – Add extra weight – Amend centre body doors – add cab to shore radio aerials – Body windows inside pipework- Shawplan sand boxes – Buffer Beam details both ends .

I made these way before Bachmann decided to make their model of the 57. These were the days that modelling was modelling and not just opening a box of your chosen loco/Livery. I find that the research is a pleasure and to find slight differences between loco’s of the same class is worthwhile, these are sometimes missed by the manufacturers.

I would not call this an easy or quick conversion, but it is rewarding. Taking a razor saw to a model can be a bit daunting, but at least in those days Lima were very reasonably priced and second-hand bargains were plentiful.

I made three loco’s at the same time to set up a mini production line. There are detailed differences between the three, some obvious, others more subtle.










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