Freightliner Depot Visitors (Lima)

After completing the Freightliner Loco’s for the Depot I decided to add some visiting Loco’s. I now turned to my visits to Ipswich Stabling Point,  then I turned to my Photo Album and came up with four Loco’s. They were as follows.

Anglia Class 47 and Cotswold 47 – These would be to the same specification as the Freightliner 47’s.

A DRS class 37 was also required, this would be 37229, recently named and seen at Ipswich several times. This would be a heavily modified Lima Model with the following alterations.  – Lowered Bogies — Wire hand rails – Windscreen Etch  – Motor strip and rebuild – Roof fan and grill – Extra pickups – Detailed buffer beams –  Flush glaze –  Ultrascale wheels.

The last Loco would be a class 31, I decided it would be a Railtrack loco in their new livery. Here I have to say that the Lima Class 31 body shape is still the best available, although Hornby’s motor/chassis is way superior, they certainly missed a great opportunity with the body. The specification of the Lima 31 would be the same as the 37 above, without a windscreen etch.

















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