Merlins Lane Auto-coupling

I have now added spratt and winkle couplings to the wagons used on Merlin’s Lane Fuelling Point. As the only shunting loco on the layout is an 03, and I run it with a shunters truck, I decided to fit a spratt and winkle to the shunters truck only.  All other wagons have a loop at one end,  this enables me to auto shunt one wagon at a time. Although this is a minor operation on the Fuelling Point, it does however add interest. The shunters truck attaches to the 03 by three link coupling. The opposite ends of all wagons retain their three link couplings.

I have also built a custom stock box to hold the wagons for Merlins lane. I have left space for another wagon.  See my previous post on ‘Stock Boxes’ for further information.

Current available wagon stock are:-

Stores Van – Waste Oil Tank – Diesel Tank

The Stock box also holds the shunters truck and a brake tender.