O Gauge Pre Tops 08

Many years ago I purchased a bottle of Howes Railmatch ‘faded BR Blue’ paint. Up until now I have been a bit reluctant to try it. Anyway, after researching an appropriate 08 that fitted my requirements, number wise, body style and weathering, I decided to have a go at some faded areas on the body, mainly the bonnet top and the engine room doors.

I have to say that after fading with the areas required, I was a bit taken aback, the faded areas looked quite bright compared with the original Dapol BR blue. Anyway after a coat of Satin Varnish it did subdue the differences a bit.

After leaving the loco to thoroughly dry, I commenced a medium to heavy weather akin to photographs of the prototype. This was followed by another coat of varnish.

I am quite happy with the results and will use this method again. The weathering certainly breaks up any colour variances. See what you think.






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