More Pre-Tops 08 and a Class 31

Last week I got around to numbering the last of my Dapol Class 08’s – Weathering to follow!

The first one is D3131 and is in green. In fact this loco was still in green when it received Tops numbering. The bonnet access doors had their handles removed as they were not needed on this series of 08’s. I also added an extra vertical hand rail on the nose end. These seem random fitted to some loco’s. This engine was based at March (MR) in the period I model. Again I did a fair amount of research into appropriate loco’s, this really is essential as liveries were constantly changing, even on the same loco! I used Fox Transfers for the warning flashes and data panels. HMRS pressfix again being used for all numbers.




The next 08 was to be D3103,  a Western Region engine, based at Newport (EJ) during my modelling era. It did move to the Midland Region in late 1969. Again the bonnet access doors had the handles removed as they were not required. This loco had a black buffer beam in the photograph(s) I found.




The third 08 is D3275, this is a Scottish Region engine based at Polmadie (PO) during my required era. This loco has all the correct handrails and grabs as modelled by Dapol. The only modification was to paint the cab roof Blue.




The last Loco in this batch of numbering was D5593, this was a Finsbury Park (FP). It was one of the last 31’s in this original livery with a small warning panel and lasted until 1969 in this condition.

















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