O Gauge Station Layout – Update (Early May)

Well, a lot has happened on the embryo layout. After much thought I have added another 6″ on to the run around end of the layout. The main reason was that I wanted to run all available loco’s on the layout and not be frustrated because some were too large to run around. It now takes everything that I have, likely to get and my friends loco’s. I  simply made a 6″ x 24″ box and glued it on the end. The board now measures 6′ 6″ x 2 . This move will make it non transportable in my car so unlikely to be exhibited!



The next thing I tackled was to marry the fiddle yard to the board with the station ‘neck’.  This was achieved by means of a template to position the baseboard locator’s. I had left the ends of the track on both the Fiddle and the board unglued to allow me some flexibility when getting both tracks lined up, thankfully they were nearly spot on and little movement was needed before final fixing.





DSCF5279 DSCF5280



You will see a spirit level – this is a vital tool to ensure all is correct.

I must admit while doing this job I had some strange thoughts! I was making this layout as a terminal station, possibly a station that was a through station before the line was truncated because of poor loadings, track washed away or whatever reason I could think of. What about if I made another similar fiddle yard for the other end! Its worth considering even if it could be ‘down the line a bit’.