An O Gauge Stabling Point

This layout was a plan developed my son and myself to enable him to run his O gauge diesels in a relatively small space.

As I am half way through making my late 60’s station layout, any work needed to be done relatively quickly. I decided that it could be done in a fortnight, at least to a runable stage. Any scenic work would/could be left until a later date.

Two 4′ x 15″ laser cut baseboards were ordered and after arrival we put them together on Sunday 11th June. It is now Saturday 24th and I am pleased with the progress,  everything is finished to the point I wanted apart from the isolating sections. only the lack of on/off switches has stopped me from completing the challenge.

The layout will hold up to five shunters and nine mainline loco’s. Any two shunters can be substituted by one mainline loco.

I hope we can finish the layout scenically within three or four months, but that very much depends on the progress with my other layout.












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