Ashwell Moor – Both Boards – weathering

I have now made a start on the weathering of Ashwell. The first job was to add the items that are permanent on the layout – these being Yard Lights and Buffer Stop Lights, plus a few bushes. Anything that is removable is added after weathering the layout as they are consumable and do not spend much time on the depot in real life.  These include people, pallets, drums, boxes and hoses etc. Weathering them in situ is a no-no in the main weathering. These items may well be weathered but to a far lesser degree and are done separately. I really hate to see figures weathered to the same degree as the layout – it looks unreal. While we are on the subject of realism, the Yard lights and Buffer lights are non working. Why do I need working lights? it is ‘blue sky’ and the middle of the day. I hate to see lights for lights sake – blazing lights on everything on the layout from every building and every railway item — all topped off with a beautiful cloudless blue sky!! If lighting is needed then a lighting rig is favoured – although I like to see the natural light at different venues. Of course you could model twilight!!!!!!









Some more items are still to be added –  two cars, storage tank, chemical toilet, tool hut and four more people.



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