Two more wagons for Morlock Heath

A bit of a milestone this post – it’s my 150th. I never thought I would do 50 let alone 150 –  thank you all for making it worthwhile.

Anyway here we have two wagons obtained for Morlock Heath, a Turbot picked up from Ebay at a good price and a Heljan Catfish. I have weathered them over the last few days and here are the results.

Morlock Heath has it’s Exhibition debut at Bressingham Gardens Model Railway Day on Sunday 3rd September, quickly followed by Bury St Edmunds Exhibition on Saturday 9th.








One thought on “Two more wagons for Morlock Heath

  1. As they say in Yorkshire “By that looks well” !!!!

    I thought that your modelling skills were brilliant,but this layout puts you into
    a new Class called STUNNING.!!

    A Great Layout Kelvin.Mind you,I am a Big Fan.!!

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