O Gauge WD 2-8-0

This as they say is a long story – well over ten years!

On a recent visit to a local swap-meet  I spotted the WD on a stand selling very early Hornby Tinplate etc. It looked very out-of-place so I asked whether it was fine scale – two rail. The answer came back as ‘yes’. It was marked up at a price way more than I was prepared to pay – so negotiation started and a price was agreed.

When I got it home I had a good look at the loco and bells started to ring. After looking back in my old business (now long closed) records, I found that I was the one that painted, numbered and weathered this loco back in 2004! I did the work for Braintree Models (now closed) and in my records it says that it was Scratch Built and had to be done at set price.

On further investigation I discovered it had been recently re-wheeled and a new motor and flywheel fitted. I have to say that the paintwork had stood the test of time very well with only a few chips.

It had a few issues, but most were minor. I have since put these right and repainted the chips and re-weathered faded parts. It is now finished apart from I need to get a new ‘back-head’ as the original had disappeared.

All I can say is ‘what goes around – comes around’ or is it luck or coincidence?





More photo’s to follow later!