O Gauge Multi Purpose Plank

After seeing the prices of O gauge rolling roads, and nearly falling off my seat, I decided to go my own way.

What I wanted:-

A metre of track to test Loco’s on – DC to start with – later DCC!

A Rolling Road to Run In Loco’s

A Fitted Magnet to Test ‘Spratt and Winkle Couplings’.

A Jig to ensure all ‘Spratts’ are at the same height when on the track.

A Jig for the Loops for use with the ‘Spratts’

A small work area for ‘fiddling’

Permanent DC Controller with power Clips.

Space to add a DCC controller and/or a tablet.

Storage for ancillary items, Rollers etc.

Well, attached photo’s are the results so far – Although I made this in ‘O’ Gauge – I would have thought that it can be done in any gauge, within reason! The cost so far is approx £80 as most items are second-hand, nearly new.








Further work to be done on the storage boxes so will update as they happen