O Gauge Heljan Class 25 Update

This loco is owned by Graham and is planned to run on Morlock Heath. As this layout is based in the Mid 80’s a degree of updating is needed on the basic model.

Again we wanted something a bit different, so after some research we decided to go for 25035. This was one of a handful of unofficially named Loco’s that ran towards the end of their BR careers.

Work Carried Out

The nose doors were carefully removed by medium and then very fine ‘Wet and Dry’. I did not use a scalpel at all as I did not want any indentation caused by cutting. The cab was then partially repainted.

I added the extra catches on the grills on one of the body sides as per prototype. After research it was noted that not all 25/1 had this modification but 25035 certainly did. From photo’s I could see that the catches did actually vary in size slightly – 25035 had the larger type.

I looked on all websites that sell Transfers and could find no ‘nameplates’ had been made for these loco’s. So it was ‘make them yourself’ time. After several attempts I managed to get a reasonable likeness, but I think they are about 15-20% to large! I decided I would rather have this than too small. I can always replace them if they ever become available.

The body side footsteps and the boiler grills were covered as per prototype.

The Head Code 4 Digits were replaced with Marker Dots.

Finally a Light to Medium weathering was applied.

This was not a quick project – but very rewarding.

Below is 25035 CASTELL DINAS BRAN photographed from both sides and ends