OO Steam Heating Class B1 Locomotive

I have always fancied having a go at one of these ‘semi’ withdrawn loco’s. Being from East Anglia and remembering them at Norwich, Ipswich and Gt Yarmouth, it was just a matter of time before having a go.

Another thing that provoked this exercise was that when looking through the Fox Transfer catalogue, I spotted what I needed.

I found a few photographs of various loco’s and decided on ‘Department No.17’ This was ex Thompson B1 Loco No 61059, a Ipswich Loco. Sadly none of the photographs were colour, so it was a case of relying on my memories of seeing these loco’s.

Two points that I discovered after the renumbering were that the transfers were a bit on the large side and slightly wrong for this loco. Summing up, I considered this a weathering exercise of the generally unloved carriage heating B1’s.

















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